Ariel Winter Shows Off Freckles In Up-Close And Personal Pics

Ariel Winter showed off her freckles in a series of up-close and personal pics. With three new images, the former Modern Family star looked directly at the camera and engaged her 4.4 million followers with her expressive eyes. The television star, who is a regular presence on the social media site, also shared how she feels people should treat one another and wore a shirt that featured her sentiment as seen in the images.

In the first photo, Ariel took a selfie in what appeared to be a backyard area. The bust shot showed the 22-year-old wearing a gray crew-necked sweatshirt that had the word kindness screened across the front. She is seated on what appeared to be a white outdoor chair. Her right arm is bent and facing upward, cradling the right side of her head.

Ariel's platinum blond hair, cut into a shoulder-length style, fell in soft waves on either side of her face. She appeared to have no makeup on in the share, allowing her natural skin to be seen.

She posed in front of a white wall. Beyond that, a lush outdoor area that featured many green bushes gave privacy to the area. In front of the wall of greenery was a chic outdoor set. A gray table and some mismatched chairs looked fabulous featured on the grassy area, which was highlighted with what appeared to be lattice accents to give the lawn a finished-looking appearance.

In the second slide, which featured a video, fans were treated to an up-close and personal look at the actress's freckles. She used her phone camera to get right up to her skin, showing off the freckles that were covered by heavy makeup throughout her run as Alex Dunphy on the hit ABC series from 2009 through 2020.

The third image featured Ariel with her eyes cast upward. She wore a slight smile on her face and her hair was pushed up by her hand, which cradled the right side of her head.

Fans thought the images were adorable. They shared their feelings in the comments section of the share.

"I love both of those: kindness and your super cute freckles," stated one follower.

"You're like waaaaay gorgeous ma'am," said a second fan.

"You are such a queen, looking beautiful as always," remarked a second Instagram user.

"When I say the mother of dragons, I'm literally talking about you," stated a fourth follower.