Watch: Dad Makes Daughter Pay For Stolen Fake Nails And Apologize To Walgreens [Video]

A dad made his daughter pay for stolen fake nails that she took from a local Walgreens store. The 10-year-old was forced to return some fake nails that she’d shoplifted from the store after she was caught by dad. He not only made her go back and buy them, but she was told to apologize to the store. Everything was captured on video. Watch it below.

As Mad World News reports, the father took his daughter inside the store to make things right, management was called to the front of the store so the girl could come clean. Once the girl told the manager what she did — with the help of her dad — she said she was going to pay for the stolen nails.

There was a glitch, however, because the girl had already unpackaged the nails and the bar code to ring up the product wasn’t there. Since the necessary information was missing from the package, she was recorded walking towards the back of the store to obtain another box of the same fake nails so the manager could scan it.

Dad threatens to tell police about her shoplifting. Clearly, the father wasn’t happy with the 10-year-old. He’s heard throughout the video telling his daughter what to do and letting her know the footage would be seen by everyone. At one point, he calls her a “thief” while she gets another box for the manager to scan.

After the dad made his daughter pay for the stolen nails, he had her apologize for her actions at the check register. She was wiping tears away, shamefully saying she was “sorry” and said she wouldn’t “steal” again.

On YouTube, the video has close to 9,000 views and it was uploaded on Monday.

The video clip of the girl paying Walgreens for the stolen merchandise was uploaded to Reddit. Several tell the father that he did the right thing by posting a video of his daughter going through the humiliating punishment while others are firmly against what he did.

“… All the respect in the world for this dad. Not yelling or swearing or being an a**. Just hoping to scare the kid straight with a healthy dose of shame,” one user writes.

“She is lucky to have parents who gave a crap about her upbringing. I have seen too many kids with potential who falls in with the wrong crowd because their family don’t give a f***. I’ve witnessed this in all ethnicities, not only black,” another writes.

“I like what he’s trying to do, but I don’t like how he’s doing it. He could have achieved the same by not putting this all over the internet. Still, I doubt she’ll steal again,” someone adds.

“Too bad she is all on the internet now. Thanks dad!” a poster writes

Public shaming by parents is gaining momentum on the internet. There are arguments for and against this type of method when it comes to the child’s emotional well-being over being humiliated. Did you agree with how the father made his daughter pay Walgreens for the stolen nails and apologize — all while being filmed?

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]