Sarah Hyland Says She Wants To Do ‘More TV’ After ‘Modern Family’

Sarah Hyland plays the bratty, eldest Haley Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family, but in real life, the 24-year-old actress is actually one of the kindest and most lovable young stars in Hollywood right now. Marking her sixth season with the show, Hyland’s life and career has grown so much faster than her on-screen persona which — let’s face it — seems to perpetually remain in the “annoying teenager” trope (keep up Haley — Luke and Alex are all grown up).

Her real-life awesomeness has been proven even more by the actress’ recent correspondence with Galore Magazine, which prominently featured Hyland on their newest issue. In her interview with the fashion mag, Sarah revealed some of the most intimate details about her life and work, some of which would make fans love her even more.


One of the most interesting questions the magazine asked Sarah Hyland is about her plans after Modern Family. Just like any other TV show, Family will soon have to close the curtains, and since the comedy is already on its sixth season, something tells us this sad scenario won’t happen so far in the future. Unless they pull off ten-seasons a la Friends, we’d soon have to face the reality that we probably won’t see the beloved family on TV after one or two years.

This sad fact may have prompted Galore to ask Hyland about her post-Modern career plans, to which Sarah responded, “I can’t imagine my life without my Modern Family. Maybe more TV? I definitely want to do more films. Whichever seems right for me at the time.”

Who knows, Sarah Hyland’s life after Family might just be a better one. Playing the titular role for a new sitcom, or even a drama? The possibilities are endless, especially in Hollywood. One thing is for sure — Modern Family might soon run out of seasons, but Hyland’s fame will surely remain for years to come.

Other questions Galore asked Hyland were just as equally intriguing. Another question was, “Which of your peers in the industry do you look up to and why?”, to which Sarah responded, “Sofia Vergara and Taylor Swift. They are both amazing business women. Let alone beautiful, talented and funny. I don’t think people give them enough credit as to how smart they really are. I admire them tremendously.”

No Julie Bowen? Mom will surely be pissed, but hey, no worries! As Phil once said, “Marry someone who looks sexy when disappointed.” Good move, Sarah Hyland, good move.

[Images from Jacob Dekat/Galore Magazine]