North Carolina Mom Smuggled Marijuana Into Jail In 4-Year-Old’s Pants, Police Say

North Carolina woman Jenifer Lynn Patterson allegedly smuggled marijuana into jail inside the pants of her 4-year-old son. The Robeson County woman was smuggling the pot into the Columbus County jail for the father of her son, Cody Lambert, police say.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, Jenifer Lynn Patterson, 24, of Fairmont, was arrested on the marijuana smuggling charges earlier this week. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office stated that Patterson was attempting to give the marijuana to Cody Lambert, also 24. Lambert is reportedly serving a nearly three-year sentence for being a felon in possession of a gun. Lambert has now been charged with possession of marijuana.

Jennifer Lynn Patterson

North Carlina police detective Kevin Norris said two children entered the Columbus County jail with Jenifer Patterson on Sunday. Both of the children are now in the custody of social services. It is not yet known if Patterson has retained an attorney to answer the marijuana smuggling charges.

Robeson County warrants on traffic offenses also were served on Patterson. She was ultimately released from the Columbus County Detention Center after posting a $14,000 bond, Detective Norris said.

During Jenifer Patterson’s visit to see her boyfriend and the father of her children, she reportedly told Cody Lambert where the marijuana was hidden. Patterson then reportedly took her older child to the restroom. When she was outside of the room, Lambert reportedly hugged the younger child who was wearing the pants where the pot was hidden. The North Carolina inmate then reached into the 4-year-old’s pocket and grabbed the marijuana, according t0 police reports.

Cody Lambert - North Carolina inmate who allegedly received marijuana smuggled into jail inside his 4-year-old son's pants.
Cody Lambert — North Carolina inmate who allegedly received marijuana smuggled into jail inside his 4-year-old son’s pants.

“It [marijuana hand-off] was caught on video,” Detective Norris added. Corrections staffers then reportedly escorted inmate Lambert out of the visiting room, searched him, and found the pot which was hidden in the child’s pants.

[Image via: Shutterstock and the Fayetteville Observer]