Bradford Anderson Is Returning To 'General Hospital': What's The Scoop?

Stacy Carey

Fans of the character of Damien Spinelli on General Hospital are thrilled to hear that Bradford Anderson is returning to the role soon. There have been rumors floating around for a bit that Spinelli might head back to Port Charles and now it is seemingly confirmed. What General Hospital spoilers are available so far?

The new cover of Soap Opera Digest, as shared via the magazine's Facebook page, teases that Spinelli is in and Johnny is out. They also tease that a former The Young & the Restless star is heading to Port Charles, and that is likely a reference to Hayley Erin, who used to play Abby, taking over the role of Kiki Jerome soon.

What else is known about Bradford Anderson's return? General Hospital viewers have seen Anderson back before, but it seems that this time he's sticking around for a longer period of time. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, there has been buzz for a bit that Anderson was returning, but little has been said and nothing had been confirmed until now. Fans saw Damien Spinelli not long ago, over the holidays, when Maxie got to visit with their daughter, Georgie. Now, however, it seems that Spinelli may be heading back to Port Charles.

From the sounds of things, Spinelli's return may be a relatively long-term one, which is welcome news for many GH fans. Soap Opera Digest teases that the fan favorite will stick around for a while, and General Hospital spoilers and theories via Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that he may be working with Tracy to dig into what's been going on with Luke and potentially fake Luke.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 9 teased that Maxie and Nathan will butt heads over her decision to help Johnny, so the happy couple may be already struggling when Spinelli returns to town. Of course, many would love to see Maxie and little Georgie together even more often, so the theory is that Spinelli and his daughter may relocate back to Port Charles so that mother and daughter can form a lasting relationship.

Will Maxie and Nathan's relationship be threatened by Spinelli's return, or will he have plenty to do on his own? So far, the network isn't detailing exactly when Bradford Anderson will pop back up in Port Charles or how long he will be around. However, word that he's going to be helping Tracy, and surely interacting with other characters is a good sign.

Many will be curious to see how Spinelli and Jason interact, assuming things progress to that point. GH fans always loved the Spinelli and Jason dynamic, but of course things are different with Billy Miller in the role of Morgan now. Will the two characters still share the same kind of rapport that fans loved about the old duo?

Stay tuned for more scoop on Bradford Anderson's return as Damien Spinelli on General Hospital. How would you like to see the character utilized this time around?

[Image via BuzzWorthy Radiocast]