‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: ‘Nia Risks It All’ Brings Epic Blowout Between Abby Lee Miller And Holly

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime, and there is definitely tension in the air. Abby Lee Miller and the girls are now out in Los Angeles, but it hasn’t been an easy transition. Miller wants to get the girls into other entertainment projects, but it seems that she also wants to maintain control of everything they do. Viewers saw some tense moments between Abby and Nia’s mom Holly last week, and things continue to be difficult between them in this next episode.

As TV Guide shares, the February 10 episode is titled “Nia Risks It All.” Dance Moms spoilers reveal that there will be a big fight between Holly and Abby, and it seems that Holly will even have some choice words for the other moms. Holly will go behind Abby’s back to have Nia work with Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day, and viewers will see just how it goes in Tuesday’s episode.

Nia and Aubrey seem to get along well, and it does appear to pave the way to Nia’s first single that is being released soon. There apparently will be more of this process shown in future episodes as “Star in Your Own Life” comes together. Both Nia and Holly have been sharing some updates via social media, and fans can’t wait to see it come together.

Dance Moms spoilers via the previews on the Facebook page tease more of what is coming with Holly and Abby’s drama. Will this one rival the ugly feuds that happened as both Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak departed the Abby Lee Dance Company and Dance Moms with Brooke, Paige, and Chloe? It looks like it will be an ugly fight, but Holly and Nia aren’t leaving the show at this point.

Other previews show that while Nia misses some rehearsals for the music work, she does return and starts learning the group dance. JoJo apparently misses some rehearsals because she has lice, something her mom Jess blames on the other girls.

What happens when it’s time for the competition? According to Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page, the group dance titled “War Torn” will get first place overall. Kendall has a solo that earns her second place overall, while JoJo’s solo gets her fifth place.

Club Dance is also at this competition, and their dancers take some of the top solo placement spots. While Nia attended the competition, she did not end up performing in the group dance it seems. While it’s not known if it will make it into the episode, apparently Kendall’s music stopped during one of her solo performances.

While Abby Lee Miller has her sights set on making it big with the girls in Los Angeles, the move is also making for more tension and drama. Will Nia’s risk-taking be worth it considering how much it angers Abby? Just how ugly will the battle between Holly and Abby get? Tune in to Dance Moms airing on Tuesday, February 10 on Lifetime to find out.

[Image via Nia Frazier’s Instagram]