Airport Dance Routine: College Students Perform Beyonce's 'Flawless' On Moving Walkway

Anne Kennedy

Stuck in the terminal at San Francisco International Airport for 13 hours, a group of college students decided to stretch their legs by performing an impromptu airport dance routine that you've got to see to believe.

Following a meet at Azusa Pacific University, the University of Oregon Acrobatics & tumbling team found themselves stranded at the San Francisco International Airport. To stretch their legs and combat boredom, the team of four performed a choreographed dance routine set to Beyonce's hit song "Flawless."

Yahoo! News reports that team members Brooke Gansemer, Erika Schaefer, Nicole Seybold, and Jalen Kirkland didn't just dance on the airport floor. Instead, they took their routine onto one of the moving walkways that takes travelers from one part of the airport to the next.

Jalen Kirkland posted the video of the foursome's airport dance routine to her Tumblr page, and what happened next was a big surprise for the team: the video went viral.

"After being told that the plane wasn't quite ready to take off, the team and everyone else on the plane got off the plane and headed back into the airport. After 13 hours in the airport, we decided to have some fun, and that's how the video was made. We knew there were a few bystanders videoing us all around the airport, but we had NO idea the video would get so much attention!"

Kirkland told Yahoo! News that the dance routine was one that her teammate Nicole Seybold had learned while watching a video on Instagram.

This isn't the first time stranded travelers have been treated to an airport dance routine. The Guardian reported on a dance routine performed inside one of the terminals at Shanghai International Airport in celebration of China's spring festival. The routine was performed by a flashmob of over 60 flight attendants who came together to dance for a huge crowd that gathered together to watch the sharply dressed airport workers pull off a snappy choreographed dance.

Stuck At The Airport posted a video of TAP Air Portugal and Aeroports de Portugal employees performing a special Christmas dance routine for travelers in Lisbon during the holiday rush. Their routine was choreographed to hits ranging from Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas is You' to the Bee Gee's 'Stayin' Alive.'

While being stuck in a terminal filled with hard plastic chairs isn't always easy, people frequently try to make the most of it by entertaining their fellow passengers. Last December The Inquisitr reported on a "one-man band" who played Christmas music in a Seattle airport – just one of many fun videos with interesting impromptu performances out on the 'net.

Ever been tempted to perform an airport dance routine of your own? Sound off in the comments!

Airport dance routine image via Yahoo! News