Marvel Studios News: Andrew Garfield Out As Spider-Man, Thor And Captain Marvel Pushed Back

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ announcement that Spider-Man is allowed to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is shaking things up quite a bit over at Marvel. What’s more, a source close to the deal said that Andrew Garfield is out as the famed web-head. Big news indeed.

The official word from Marvel is that Spider-Man will appear next in the MCU sometime in 2016 before Sony releases their next installment in 2017. While there is no official word as to which Marvel film will feature Spider-Man, there are plenty of clues and no shortage of rumors flying about.

While some may be disappointed to learn of Garfield’s departure, it would make sense for Marvel to want a younger actor to portray Peter Parker. Spider-Man is most often depicted as a teenager or a young adult, Garfield, 31, is a little long in the tooth for the role. Marvel will also want to make more Spider-Man movies in the future and as such, they will want a younger actor that wont age out of the role before Marvel has a shot at a solo Spider-Man film.

Now that the collaboration between the two studios is affirmed, Marvel’s current developments are being pushed back to accommodate Marvel’s shining star. Thor: Ragnarok will now premier Nov. 3, 2017, TheBlack Panther will move to July 6, 2018, Captain Marvel will move to November 2, 2018, and Inhumans will debut July 12, 2019.

MCU Civil War might include Spider-Man

With Captain America: Civil Warset to release in 2016, an officials say that Spider-Man will also hit theaters in a Marvel movie in the same year, the possibility is high that Spider-Man will be a part of the Civil War story line. Not only is Marvel’s Civil Wara major event for Marvel in the comics, but Spider-Man plays a pivotal role in that story line.

Another possibility is that Marvel Studios will bring fan favorite Miles Morales into the fold as now that have free reign to use any Spider-Man incarnation they want. In the Marvel comics universe, Miles Morales is a 13 year old Hispanic-African American kid who took over web slinging duties after the death of Peter Parker. He attained his powers from a genetically enhanced spider infused with the original Spider-Man’s DNA created by Norman Osborne, aka, the Green Goblin.

Miles Morales as the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man

Miles quickly became a fan favorite due to his multicultural ethnicity which gave him a broader appeal as a character. Also, his character was more conflicted and initially rejected his gifts, only to be taken under the wing of the Avengers and Peter Parker’s family. It would certainly be an interesting choice and it would be a way to separate Marvel’s Spider-Man from Sony’s version.

Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to us their character again, the possibilities are endless. They could very well do an Ultimate Universe Spider-Man and bring in ever Web-Head from every corer of reality into the mix. Whatever the future holds, until Marvel announces its plans, the fans will simply have to wait it out.