Man Attacks Online Date Because She Didn’t Look Like Woman In Photo

A man attacked an online date he met in person because she didn’t look like her photo. Prior to meeting for the first time, the man was expecting to see a “Goddess” after seeing her image on WeChat snap. Mirror U.K. reports that Huang Mao, 35, went on a 5-hour flight from northeastern China to the nation’s eastern Jiangsu Province to meet Xiaojin Tuan, 32. He reportedly spent thousands of dollars to meet a woman he was hoping to fall madly in love with. Instead, he was left furious.

Mao and Tuan had sent numerous online flirts and messages to each other before they decided to meet up.

When Mao arrived at his destination, he went to a café where he and Tuan agreed to meet. When Mao laid eyes on the woman he thought was supposed to be a “Goddess,” he was irate. The man accused his online date of lying because she looked nothing like her photo. She was described as “fatter” and had “acne.”

Mao punched Tuan in her face and allegedly stomped on her as she was already down on the ground. Café workers broke up the couple and both were arrested.

“I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was ingrained in my memory,” Mao is reported to have said. “So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked. This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo.”

Tuan decided not to press any charges against the man who attacked her for her appearance. A police spokesman said that the couple “were detained and the then woman was given medical treatment.”

On the good side, things are seem better between them after their stormy introduction. The police spokesman adds that the pair are on “friendlier terms although both vowed never to do online dating again.”

As Huffington Post reports, an experiment was conducted of a woman going on Tinder dates wearing a fat suit to record men’s reactions when they met her in public. The men believed they were going to meet a thinner version of her. One man was upset and told her he didn’t like being lied to, another used the bathroom and never came back, and someone asked her if she was pregnant because she appeared larger than her photo.

It’s not understandable for someone to be disappointed if they meet someone who looks different from their a photo they saw of them before. In the case of the man attacking his online date because she didn’t look like the “Goddess” she did in her photo is a little over-the-top.