Leah Messer Salon Drama: Gloss Stylist Denies Investigation Is Under Way

On Monday morning, Leah Messer found herself in the middle of more drama. This time, however, the drama didn’t have anything to do with her marriage, but rather her business venture, Gloss. Reports suggest that the salon is being run illegally for several reasons.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Radar Online spoke to a spokesperson from the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetology who revealed the investigation is reportedly “going to be launched.” The first issue is that none of the girls are reportedly licensed to practice cosmetology. Leah herself is in school for cosmetology, but is “on a break.” Her two friends are listed as stylists on the site and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup spoke to one of the stylists, Leslee, who denied reports that the salon is being investigated.

“There is zero truth to the investigation. Nobody [from the state board] has contacted me. We absolutely do have a license. Leah hasn’t done hair or makeup for anything. It’s all me or Crystal.”

On the Facebook page for Gloss, Leslee lists her credentials as well, showing wear she received her certifications. She is certified from QC Make up Academy and has her hair styling certification from Trendimi. Both are online schools which offer a flexibile program for students looking to get their certifications. A certification is one thing, though, and QC Makeup’s online frequently asked questions speaks specifically about licensing.

“Many jurisdictions do not require a working makeup artist to be licensed. However, some areas do require a makeup artist license or cosmetology license. QC Makeup Academy does not qualify its students for this type of licensing. It’s your responsibility to make yourself fully aware of the working requirements and government regulations in your area before starting professional work. If your jurisdiction has no licensing requirements, a certificate such as that offered by QC Makeup Academy is sufficient proof of professional training.”

Leslee insists, though, that licenses have been obtained and that is the important part. As Teen Mom 2 fans likely know, Chelsea Houska came under fire from the board in South Dakota when she was accused of receiving payment for doing makeup and hair for a wedding before she had her license. As a result, it would seem that Leah Messer would know to have everything in order before operating as a cosmetologist.

According to Leslee, the salon is actually “on hold” until Leah Messer finishes cosmetology school. She is currently on leave and it is unclear when she plans to return.

“Crystal and I advertise but don’t work until I’m healed enough to do so. But we will operate just as we have for years when we do [start working again]. Never had a problem before and can’t see a problem now.”

According to the Gloss Facebook page, the salon is now on a six-month waiting period. They encourage prospective clients to book now. It isn’t simply waiting for Leah to finish school though, but also due to Leslee recovering from an operation.

Of course, fans still have a lot of questions regarding the salon and while it is great that Leslee has spoken out and cleared up some general questions, many will be waiting for Leah Messer to respond. She has revealed that she is “doing what she loves,” so hopefully she can finish up with her cosmetology training so that she can get back in the salon.

[Image: via Facebook]