Suspect Heads To Court After Michigan Coast Guard Attacked

A Grand Haven, Michigan, man is going to court today for an arraignment hearing after committing acts of “domestic terrorism,” as Inquisitr recently reported. Once the Michigan coast guard was attacked by the 34-year old unnamed suspect, who claimed to be armed with a bomb, they restrained the man until officers arrived on the scene. He was immediately taken into custody, and the individual remains incarcerated until his hearing set for February 9.

A CNN report indicated the individual drove his truck through the Michigan coast guard building’s gate in Grand Haven before accessing the building itself. Members of the coast guard who were within the building at the time of the 6:07 a.m. intrusion were attacked and threatened by the individual, who alerted everyone on scene that he had a bomb.

Coast guard members involved responded well to the situation, which took place on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning. In addition to Grand Haven Department of Public Safety, other agencies were called in to ensure the scene was safe. The FBI, Ottowa County Sheriff’s Department, and the ATF also responded to the threat, the Grand Haven Tribune reports.

After the Station Grand Haven Coast Guard was attacked, officials discovered the unnamed suspect’s link to another crime in Oceana County where a structure fire occurred. Reportedly, the fire happened at approximately 4:00 a.m. in nearby Golden Township, which lies about an hour away from Grand Haven. No injuries were reported in conjunction to this incident.

The fire consumed a home that was remodeled to look like an old gas station, and the suspect of Sunday’s coast guard attacks is believed to have resided in the area, according to WZZM13. Although residents of a nearby Grand Haven condominium community were evacuated, the situation at the coast guard building was declared safe approximately six hours after the attack.

Despite the suspect’s claim that he had a bomb, no explosives were found after a thorough investigation. Following the incident, the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety’s Director, Jeff Hawke, noted, “The investigation has not revealed any link to terrorism or a terrorist organization,” despite earlier suspicions that this was the case.

Individual members of the coast guard who were attacked received treatment for minor injuries, and no life-threatening injuries or deaths occurred as a result of the attack. Although the suspect’s motives are currently unknown, the unnamed man is awaiting arraignment at a Grand Haven, Michigan, criminal court.

[Image courtesy of KMRS Radio]