Meet ‘The Hulk,’ The Purported World’s Largest Pit Bull, And You Will Never Guess Just How Big He Is

Pit bulls are known for many things. Loyalty, being slaves of little 9-year-old girls, and unfortunately, on occasion, some mistreated pit bull hurts someone.

Despite the myriad of things you might associate a pit bull with, there is one thing that might not have come to mind: a giant one. The Daily Mirror reports that a massive pit bull named the “The Hulk,” is the world’s largest pit bull. Read on to find out just big The Hulk is.

The Daily Mirror suggested that you might not want to meet Hulk the pit bull, not the green angry comic book character, down a dark alley.

Not because of his Hulk’s temperament or his dislike of humans or little children. It is simply because he is one massive dog. He was likened to being the size of a small bear.

So, how big is he? The Hulk, of the brown pit bull variant, is 173 pounds and on his hind legs, reports the Daily Record, the massive pit bull towers over one of his owners. If Cujo frightened you by his sheer size, Cujo would wet himself and cry if he saw Hulk the pit bull.

In case you were wondering, Hulk the mammoth pit bull, was not genetically created, nor was his story taken from a comic book. He just simply is.

The pit bull beast is one of many of his kind that are uploaded to the YouTube account Dark Dynasty K9s. The account has several other videos with other pit bull behemoths in it. At the time of this writing, the video has gone viral, receiving 1.2 million views and counting. The YouTube account itself has over 6.9 million views in total.

Of the 80 comments listed, the viewpoints range from several YouTubers being shocked and amused.

“Wow are u sure thats a dog? It looks like a small bear!”

“You could ride that beast into a battle.”

Many others were sarcastic, hypercritical, or a tad nasty in their opinions.

“wow! So ‘gangster’….. (smh)”

“you re just ruining dogs life..he doesnt deserve this, to use him to make money out of his pain!”

Others turn to fighting about pit bulls in general. This isn’t really a surprise, as any media of any kind with pit bulls in it or about them tends to bring out the hate. Many have suggested that it is not a pure breed, which might be true.

Whether you love or hate pit bulls or their bully relatives, there is no denying the instinct to stare at this massive pit. It might just be more amazing than a pit bull alarm clock. The Inquisitr previously reported on the dog-inspired alarm clock.

So, what are your thoughts about the largest pit bull or bully breed dog? Do you think it is, in fact, the largest? Is the 173 pound pit bull cute, ugly, or down-right terrifying? Leave your thoughts below.

[Images Via Dark Dynasty K9, YouTube Screenshots]