Bobbi Kristina Brown: Did Nick Gordon Stage A Possible Cover-Up To Make It Look Like She Drowned?

Speculation about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s critical condition has been reported hundreds of times over the past week. Although there hasn’t been much of a change, a recent report about other mysterious injuries Bobbi Kristina sustained now raises another question, reports Hollywood Life. Was the bathtub drowning a staged cover-up of an incident that may have occurred earlier that morning?

CNN reports that the family has not offered specifics on the questionable injuries, but it prompted the Roswell Police Department to launch a criminal investigation. Detectives initially suspected there may have been others in the home who fled the scene. However, no details have been released about the speculation as of yet. But, the recent statement given by Bobbi Kristina’s friend, Max Lomas, also serves as a major contributing factor to the impending case, as authorities are now targeting her “brother/boyfriend” Nick Gordon.

Apparently, Nick was quite busy that morning, but oddly, Max made it clear that he never had any interaction with Bobbi Kristina until finding her unconscious in the bathtub. He also specified that he had been inside the home more than an hour before finding her. There were also times when Nick mysteriously disappeared also, reports

Here’s an excerpt from TMZ’srecent report on Max Lomas’ account of the series of events that occurred on the morning of January 31.

“We’re told Max Lomas — the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub — arrived at around 9 AM last Saturday. He says he hung out with Nick but did not see Bobbi Kristina. He was told she was in the bedroom. Nick wandered away and Max says he didn’t pay attention to his whereabouts. The cable guy showed sometime after 10 AM and Max says he let him in — Nick was nowhere to be seen. The cable guy said he needed access to the bedroom so Max let him in and discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub. He screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR. We’re told Max claims Nick allegedly cleaned up the home and removed blood stains.”

Lomas’ account and the questionable injuries have raised the question of whether there was an accident that occurred prior to the bathtub incident. Was the incident staged to look like a drowning? Although the scene looks eerily similar to the 2012 death of Bobbi Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston, now there’s speculation that the bathtub scene could have been purposely staged to divert attention from any other possibilities. His disturbing statement also leads many to wonder just how long she had actually been in the bathtub before he discovered her.

Although it has not been confirmed that there was blood inside of the couple’s Roswell townhome, many friends of the couple insist this wouldn’t be the first time they’d had a violent encounter. An alleged source close to Bobbi Kristina and Nick recently shared details about the history of domestic violence, reports Hollywood Life.

“Bobbi and Nick have a terrible relationship,” the source said. “Her friends and family have worried about how Nick treated her for years. The family worried he was emotionally abusive.”

The police department has not yet released an update on the case. However, the criminal investigation will reportedly be ongoing.