Judge Shannon Holmes Blasts Suspects For Murder Of 3-Year-Old: ‘I Wish You All The Very Best & I’m Really Being Sarcastic’ [Video]

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, two suspects accused of murdering a 3-year-old girl stood before Judge Shannon Holmes. According to WXYZ-Detroit, the suspects identified as Clifford Thomas and Jasmine Gordon are currently standing trial for the brutal death of Gordon’s daughter. Although, the two have not been found guilty as of yet, its quite obvious Judge Holmes has no remorse. As a matter of fact, her powerful, sarcastic statement to the couple has gone viral.

On Sept. 18, 2014, the Detroit couple reportedly transported the sick child to a local Henry Ford Hospital. According to a previous Fox News report, the toddler wasn’t breathing. However, Gordon “refused to explain why,” claiming that the child needed to be treated for “self-inflicted” injuries because she “ran into a wall.” Unfortunately, Click on Detroit reports the child was already dead on arrival. Of course, the seemingly outlandish claims, along with the mother’s refusal to explain what really happened, led to speculation of foul play.

After close evaluation, medical examiners quickly discovered Thomas and Gordon’s claims weren’t exactly true. The ailing child reportedly suffered more than 50 injuries that were later determined to be result of alleged beatings she’d reportedly suffered at the hands of Gordon and her boyfriend.

“There was abrasion on right arm, there were healing abrasions on the forehead, the right temple region, the chest, the upper back (and) lower back,” said Dr. Kilak Kesha, a forensic pathologist with the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Although the couple’s defense attorneys argue there are still no definitive answers behind the child’s injuries, Judge Holmes argues anyone would have known the child was suffering from some form of ailment. So, she still blames the parents.

“There are some very serious questions as to whether this child had some serious medical problems,” said John McWilliams, one of Gordon’s defense attorneys.

“Which may in fact have resulted in the misdiagnosis and misunderstanding that this was child abuse.”

“The medical examiner went on to testify that any parent or guardian — and I am going to add a side bar ‘in their right mind’ — would have known that this child was sick and needed medical attention,” Holmes said.

The footage of Judge Holmes’ jaw-dropping statement has garnered nearly one million views on several social media sites, collectively. She definitely had no sympathy for Gordon or Thomas, and made it quite clear that their lack of attention toward the child may have contributed to her untimely death. She even concluded her statement with a gravely sarcastic statement saying, “don’t even think about bond, I’m not entertaining it. And I wish you all the very best. And I’m really being sarcastic.”