WWE News: WWE Making Bray Wyatt’s Promos About The Undertaker, Taker Return Still Not Confirmed

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has had a successful 2014 and has gone into 2015 looking terrific as well. We’ve heard for the last few months now that WWE has planned the idea of having Wyatt take on The Undertaker if Taker can return to the ring. The issue is, we have not been hearing of a Taker return, which would prevent any match with Wyatt.

Despite this, according to Daily Wrestling News, WWE has made sure that all of Wyatt’s recent promos have been directed at The Phenom. The idea presented is that if Taker can return, he’ll have something to return to. The only issue as of now is that it has been impossible for anyone to confirm an Undertaker return. WWE has been promoting him on all WrestleMania 31 material, however, especially their trucks.

The issue is, we may not know he’s able to return until he actually does so. For now, WWE is keeping Wyatt’s storylines short or simply not giving him any at all until after WWE Fast Lane. WWE will have to know if Taker can return by then in order for them to properly write out a storyline for him and Wyatt. For now, it is unknown what the fallback plans are for Wyatt if Taker cannot return.

Many feel that The Undertaker wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 30 last year. The Streak is now over, which means a match with him does lose a bit of luster. The idea every WrestleMania was that someone would challenge “The Streak.” Now that his win streak is over, there is no built-in storyline. The only thing that would possibly work is to have Wyatt basically dig up The Deadman and force his hand.

Even then, what could draw The Undertaker out of his rest for a match? Kane is a heel, so attacking Taker’s baby brother does nothing significant. Paul Bearer is really gone, so Wyatt cannot go after him in any way but words. In order for fans to be behind such a match, there needs to be an amazing hook. Each year the streak was that hook, now there has to be a massively creative angle for a return to make sense.

If WWE cannot come up with one, they are better off letting The Deadman rest in peace and allowing Bray Wyatt to move on to another opponent. For now, it is unknown what they have planned. Again, Taker is not confirmed for WrestleMania. WWE does seemingly plan to still direct promos at him for the time being. We’ll have to see if those continue or stop to know if Taker will indeed return for another match.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]