Bobbi Kristina Brown: Doctors To Cissy Houston — ‘There Is No Chance Of Recovery’

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s critical condition continues to captivate millions around the world. The 21-year-old has reportedly been in a medically induced coma for over a week now. Although the family has adamantly remained positive with hopes of Bobbi Kristina’s recovery, many reports have suggested that she’s been “brain dead” for the past couple days and that she’s only breathing with the help of a ventilator.

Fox News previously reported that doctors have informed the family that there was little that could be done. However, Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, has refuted the rumors.

On Friday, Feb. 6, Cissy Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston, arrived at Emory Hospital to be at her granddaughter’s bedside. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the 81-year-old gospel singer sought to reach her granddaughter through the miracle of music.

“Cissy is keeping her hands together and hoping for a miracle,” a source previously said. “She’s hoping something miraculous will happen — anything to wake Krissy up. She thinks the sound of Whitney’s voice will heal Bobbi Kristina.”

However, doctors have reportedly informed Cissy of the Bobbi Kristina’s bleak condition, telling her”There is no chance of recovery.” According to Hollywood Life, a source reportedly connected to the family recently shared the details about Cissy’s disheartening conversation with the team of doctors currently treating Bobbi Kristina. Needless to say, Cissy is quite devastated about the unfortunate news.

“So far, all we know is that doctors have been telling Cissy that Bobbi doesn’t have a chance,” a family source revealed. “The news itself is killing Cissy, but she had to hear it first-hand from the doctors who are treating Krissy.”

No further details have been released about whether Bobbi Kristina will be taken off life support anytime soon. The Roswell Police Department is currently investigating the incident. However, MyFox8 has reported that authorities are still considering this a “medical incident.”

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