Better Open Graph Integration Coming To Facebook

Last year at the F8 developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced Timeline as well as Open Graph which enables more frictionless sharing with various applications. An example of that is the Yahoo! News, Wall Street Journal, and Spotify app. People can see what their friends are reading or listening to in real-time and connect with that piece of content.

It seems that better Open Graph integration will be launching tomorrow, some four months after it was originally announced.

Via VatorNews:

“Facebook is holding an event on Wednesday evening in San Francisco for an unveiling that many, including All Things D, believe apps and Open Graph features will be unveiled in the full form they were intended to be. Facebook was not immediately available for comment.”

“This could very well be one of the last events that it holds before it enters the quiet period that is followed by the filing of an IPO — which is anticipated for May.”

The social network is doing what they can to get ready for their IPO and that means launching new features and in this case, better integration. If they can start off well before the IPO, then they can hopefully have a very successful one more along where they want the numbers to be.

“Frictionless features could include gestures similar to “like” but with a wider array such as “cooked,” “bought,” and “ran” in the case of those who GPS track their bike or running routes.”

“Open Graph gives apps even more freedom to post what you are doing (once you have approved the app) and will no longer have to ask for permission to post content to Facebook over and over again.”

What’s your favorite app on Facebook?