‘Teen Mom’ Dad Gary Shirley Starts Ironic New Business

“Teen Mom” dad Gary Shirley is unveiling his newest business venture — and it’s ironic, to say the least.

Shirley, who shares a 5-year-old daughter with Teen Mom star Amber Portwood — and is expecting a second daughter with his current girlfriend Kristina Anderson this spring — has started a new line of condoms.

Yes, Gary Shirley wants to promote safe sex.

Gary unwrapped his new business on Twitter Saturday. One picture he tweeted shows a table full of the new condoms while camera operators — presumably working for the recently announced MTV series Teen Mom OG — captured the moment. Another picture shows the condom wrapper up close, and it seems that Gary Shirley has made some rather unusual marketing choices when it comes to his new condom line.

The background of the condom wrapper is white and features Gary’s own smiling face amid a rainbow-hued block of color. It seems, perhaps, an off-putting image to have to look at right before the actual condom is needed.

In addition to the giant head of Gary floating on a rainbow background, the condom beseeches potential users to “Put your Gary on!” with the Twitter handle “@itsgarytime” floating over Gary’s own grinning mug. Although if Gary Shirley is hoping his tagline of “It’s Gary time” will become a code phrase between intimate couples, he may have a long time to wait.

The condom also proclaims that it’s effectiveness is “99% ‘Gary’nteed.'” You’ll just have to take Gary Shirley’s word for that, though. His own track record with preventing unexpected pregnancies is just not that great.

Gary Shirley and ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood will be featured prominently on MTV’s new Teen Mom OG, which will premier on March 23. A sneak peek of the new series shows both Gary and Amber pretty much picking up where the troubled duo left off in 2012 — with bitter words and acrimony, despite the fact that the two share a child together.

The clip, embedded below, shows Amber after being told that Gary is expecting his second child with Kristina Anderson, and her response is all Amber Portwood in her finest form.


“Don’t call me crying, don’t talk about our f—ing marriage, don’t call me talking about your penis, don’t call me asking me what I’m doing,” Portwood tells Shirley in the clip. “You love Kristina, f—ing love Kristina. You’re having a baby with her, have a f—ing baby with her. You’re living together, live with each other. But don’t call me! You made your choice, now stick with it!”

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[Image via Twitter]