Caught On Video: Lion Attacks Egyptian Female Tamer During Show [Video]

Egyptian Lion tamer Faten El-Helw was caught off guard when she was attacked by one of her lions during a performance in Tanta, a Delta City.

El-Helw comes from a long line of lion tamers and is well aware of the dangers of her chosen profession. Thanks to quick thinking by one of her assistants, the lion was quickly pulled off her and the lions were escorted back to their cages.

A member of the audience captured the entire incident on a cell phone video and posted it on the internet, where it quickly went viral. Although the tense scene ended without serious injury, it served as an important reminder that wild animals are never truly tamed.

According to the Morocco World News, El-Helw was taken to the hospital after the incident and was released after an examination. She escaped the clutches of the lion with minor injuries and was already planning her preparation for the next show. She did not expect the lion to lunge at her mid-act and pin her to the ground as the other lion remained in position and watched from his perch. Luckily, one of her assistants was quick to react and coerced the lion to release his claws, before ushering the large cats back to their cages.

The Blaze reported on the story and shared a post from El-Helw’s Facebook page, translated to English, in which she thanked God for sparing her life in the incident.

“Thank God and Allah wants to do, God of the throne saved me. I am fine and thank God.”

Animal rights activists claim that the animal acts in circus performances are often mistreated in an attempt to nurture them to be afraid of their tamer. At times, a brave subject will act out against the tamer and maul him or her to death in order to regain a stance of dominance.

According to Metro, El-Helw’s husband was killed in a similar attack in 2004, he was also a seasoned lion tamer.

The most famous attack against an animal tamer occurred during a Siegfried and Roy show, in which one of the trained tigers viciously attacked Roy Horn and mauled him nearly to death. However, big cats are not the only wild animals that have a history of attacking their tamers and friends. Dogs, bears, and even killer whales have shown their dominance in situations that seemed normal under most circumstances.

[Photo Courtesy: The Blaze]