Kelsey Poe: Does Chris Harrison Support The Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Contestant?

Kelsey Poe has quickly become the villain on this year’s Bachelor, with the recent widow apparently spinning her story to get further in the competition. While it’s yet to be seen whether Poe will actually win the heart of Chris Soules, she’s influenced the show greatly by losing the trust of the women and shocking the viewers at home.

On Monday night, Poe gets a shot at a two-on-one date with Chris and Ashley Iaconetti. As viewers of The Bachelor know, only one woman can get a rose on the two-on-one date. Iaconetti revealed to People that she confronted Chris and Kelsey on the date and “was very thrown off by how Chris handled the situation.”

In advance of Monday’s dramatic episode, Bachelor host Chris Harrison has given some indication of how he feels about Kelsey. As the Inquisitr reportedly previously, Poe’s sister recently gave Kelsey a public show of support. Bachelor viewers, however, might not support her, after she gushed to the camera that “I love my story.” That’s one thing Harrison referred to in a TV Guide interview last week.

“I’m very curious to find out what the world thinks of Kelsey. I go both ways. She thinks very highly of her intelligence and is very impressed with how she articulates her feelings and tries to use her big SAT words. But I think what she meant was that she had a great love story and is ready to move on. I don’t know if she meant that [as] arrogance. But there’s no doubt she’s smart enough to use her [husband’s death], and she uses it on Chris and she uses it on the girls. You can clearly see that she is a huge lightning rod for controversy. She is a hard person to attack because of her story.”

Harrison also revealed an interesting backstage tidbit: Before Kelsey had her panic attack, she was in the bathroom. Her microphone was off. When she emerged, she had the attack and her microphone was on. How that plays out will be another dramatic element of Monday night’s episode.

“I’m interested to see what people think after you see the full spectrum of the whole panic attack and recovery next week.”

On his Bachelor blog, Harrison also revealed his assessment of the kiss between Kelsey and Chris after she told him about her husband’s death. If Kelsey thought that kiss was passionate or intimate, Harrison saw it differently.

“The whole thing was a bit awkward for Chris — but nothing could be more awkward than that kiss. If you look at Chris’s body language he couldn’t have been stiffer, and if he leaned back any further he would’ve fallen off the couch.”

He also provided a bit of a sneak peek into what’s on for next Monday.

“You will see the rest of Kelsey’s panic attack and you can decide if you think it was legit or all an act. The other ladies are starting to really question Kelsey, and this ‘incident’ didn’t help any.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC.