Mom Turns In Son To Police: Tells Them He Wants To Be A ‘Serial Killer’

A mom has turned in her own son to police after recognizing him in a surveillance photo that aired on the news Thursday night. Spokane police were able to take suspect Daniel Spain into custody, thanks to his mother’s help. His photo was captured from a security camera at a Washington Trust Bank ATM. It was snapped immediately after he allegedly stabbed a woman.

A surveillance photo of the suspect shown on KXLY 4 News prompted Spain’s mother to drive over to his apartment, pick him up, and go to the police station. Once there, she not only turned him in to authorities, she revealed that he wants to be a “serial killer.”

Surveillance photo of Daniel Spain from news report. His mother turned him in to police after seeing the image.

KXLY interviewed Spain at the Spokane County Jail and the suspect told them he has a multiple personality disorder. He explains that one of his personalities is angry and seeks revenge against those who’ve “wronged him.”

“Being able to find someone alone and hurting them without anyone seeing or any witnesses it’s kind of really hard,” says Spain.

The stabbing happened because Spain resents women for rejecting him, and that spurred his other personality to hurt a random woman on January 25.

Shockingly, the victim thought she was just “smacked” with a club or fist on her back. She was able to get away and meet up with some friends later on. When they looked her over after the incident, they discovered a broken knife blade sticking out of her back. Paramedics removed the five-inch blade from her body.

After Spain’s mom turned him in, he was charged with first degree assault. Prosecutors were able to get a high bond for Spain, who admitted to stabbing the woman.

“It’s come to our attention through detective and Mr. Spain’s mother that Mr. Spain is, uh, well his goal is to become a serial killer,” Spokane Deputy Prosecutor Kyle Treece told the judge.

Spain, however, claims he doesn’t want to lead a life of violence.

“That’s not the path that I want to do. I don’t want to go down a path that would hurt somebody.”

Judge Sam Cozza set Daniel Spain’s bond at $100,000.

In a similar report, the parents of two sons recognized them in surveillance video of a robbery that was aired on the evening news. They, too, turned them in to police after their alleged crime spree. Much like this woman who turned in her son, they didn’t cover their wrongdoings from authorities. The Inquisitr also wrote on this story.

[Image via KKLY 4 News]