Teen With Down's Syndrome Defies Odds And Shuts Down Statistics With John Legend Cover

Madison Tevlin, 13, was born with Down's Syndrome. And after the diagnosis, a doctor told her parents that the condition may keep their child from ever talking, even going as far as suggesting they put her up for adoption or into a home.

But Madison's mother saw something special in her baby's eyes and chose to keep her.

"That twinkle in her eye, I saw it at 2 months," says her mom, Grace Tevlin. She told her infant daughter: "'Let's do this. Let's see what you got.'"

Now, Madison is a viral YouTube star after a video was posted of her singing John Legend's hit "All of Me." The video, which was posted on January 20, currently has over 5 million views – and she's proving to the world that anyone can rise above statistics.

The voice of most people with Down's Syndrome is usually described as "gruff and low-pitched," and it actually takes twice as much energy for people with the syndrome to activate vocal muscles and initiate voice.

Despite facing difficulties singing, Madison strengthens her voice by working on vocal techniques, which is obviously paying off from her touching rendition of John legend's smooth R&B track.

Madison's wish is to inspire hope and confidence in others, and it seems the video has done just that -- as messages from all over the world have been pouring in with people saying the video has inspired them.