Cat Mourns Dog He Loved: His Expression Of Grief Is Captured In Heartbreaking, But Beautiful Image

Animals never fail to amaze us with their sense of feelings. The latest in animals news is about a cat that mourns the dog he loved so much. It’s a heartbreaking, but beautiful image which illustrates the depth of love and grief animals endure when a companion is lost.

Life With Dogs picked up this story that was originally posted on Reddit in January. The owner’s dog recently died and he just got a new dog statue. The statue has the deceased dog’s collar around its neck — and to the owner’s surprise — the cat discovered the statue and snuggled up to it. Reddit user, enns5320, posted the image seen here.

“My dog recently passed and we got a statue and have its collar around it in memory. This was my cat’s reaction when he found it.”

As seen in the image, the orange tabby kitty is resting against the black dog statue that has his old buddy’s collar around its neck.

The Inquisitr touches on numerous reports about animals showing their inner feelings that humans are so intrigued by. A cat was in the news a few months ago for keeping an abandoned baby warm in Russia. Exposed to the harsh winter elements for several hours, the baby was saved by the cat. She used her body as a warming blanket for the infant. A neighbor was alerted to the helpless child by the cat’s meows. Over the summer, a cat was labeled a hero for saving a young child from getting attacked by an aggressive dog.

Cats are known for their highly independent nature, but can be underestimated. According to Mother Nature Network, felines have “human-like” emotions. They experience happiness, playfulness, excitability, anger, and depression. The website adds that experts disagree on the depth of “human-like” emotions felines possess, but cat owners and enthusiasts will argue that the gravity of their feelings run deeper than most realize. The Brain structure of humans and cats are fairly similar, according to Cat Channel.

It’s no secret that cats are straightforward in their behaviors when they’re irritable, scared, or angry. They hiss, scratch, or run off. When they’re content, they purr and show appreciation for being pet or held. Emotions like grief — especially for the death of a dog — is eye-opening.

It’s sad, but very telling to see how this cat mourns the dog it clearly befriended. Maybe the owner will get another dog eventually and the cat’s void will be soothed.

[Photo Credit: Imgur via enns5329/Reddit]