Geena Davis Reunites With 'A League Of Their Own' Co-Star

Geena Davis has had many memorable roles over the years, but one in particular has garnered a big group of loyal fans thanks to its attention to history and a perfect mixture of sentiment and humor: A League Of Their Own. That's why, when Davis reunited with one of her co-stars from the film on Thursday, fans flocked to Instagram to enjoy the proof.

Geena and Rosie O'Donnell -- who played tough-talking Doris in the movie -- got to hang out this week on the set of The View, where Davis paid a visit to promote her new role on Grey's Anatomy. The ladies posed for photos with signed baseballs, and ABC later posted one of the pics to Instagram, where fans left messages for the actresses.

Geena Davis said in 2012 that she still has young girls name the film as an inspiration when going into sports, and has been surprised, despite the movie's success, that it still resonates with viewers.

"It totally surprised me. I certainly hoped people would like it and that it would be successful, but the success we had at the box office was a really big deal back then. Even today, lots of 15-year-old girls will tell me, 'I play sports because of that movie.' It's fantastic," Davis told Parade.


Geena Davis said recently that she's trying to plan a reunion for another beloved movie of hers: Thelma and Louise. The actress and her co-star, Susan Sarandon, might be getting together either for a live performance or a tour, depending on what their schedules will allow.

"There's still so much affection for the movie and we loved it. It seems like there should be some girl power celebrating going on," Davis told Fox News.

Davis has been an outspoken advocate for women in entertainment -- she actually founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media -- and says that while there are good roles to be found for women, Hollywood still has a way to go when it comes to making groundbreaking movies full of the fairer sex.

"There certainly are still great roles that come along that we see women in. But we're not seeing a wealth of female characters and we're not seeing films that are populated by women," Davis said.

The actress says that the real work begins with the writers, however.

"When I go into these meetings, I say, 'If you are going to make a movie starring a woman, that is great, and please cast me. But what I would love for you to do is to look at the movies you are already going to make, that you have planned out and slated, and just go through [their scripts] and change some first names to female names. Just with the stroke of a pen, you've now created probably very unique un-stereotyped female characters,'" Geena Davis told Vanity Fair.

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