Hannah Davis Who? Kate Upton Stuns In Sexy Swimsuit Photos

Dubbed the “Next Kate Upton” by the media at large, Hannah Davis has taken the world by storm with her controversial Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. Not to be outdone, however, the real Kate Upton fired back with her own sultry pics from her campaign for Express.

Kate Upton posted her own sexy swimsuit photos from her Express photo shoot in Florida to her Instagram page. Kate also made sure to taunt anyone who may be experiencing the record-breaking winter weather with the caption, “Sorry about the cold #floridaiswarm #suckstobeupnorth @expressrunway.”

Kate Upton Instagram Swimsuit Photo

The Sexiest Woman of the Year award-winner has seemingly been challenged by many new models whom the media have dubbed as her competition. Just this past month, Charlotte McKinney ascended to the moniker of the “Next Kate Upton” with her seductive Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial that created quite the controversy for its explicit nature. In it, McKinney strolls through a farmers market au naturel, concealed by some hilariously-placed props.

Although Charlotte’s blond and curvaceous figure makes it easy to see why many would compare her to Kate Upton, McKinney herself tries to downplay the comparison. Charlotte told Fox News recently that while she admires the “business aspect of [Upton’s] career,” she’d like it to be known that her and Kate are “two totally different people.”

Now enter Hannah Davis, the girlfriend of retired New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and new cover girl for Sports Illustrated. The racy cover has ignited controversy for it’s “barely there” bathing suit. But it’s also passed along the mantle of “Next Kate Upton” onto her shoulders now as well.

And while Hannah Davis may not resemble the buxom blond look that Upton has, the comparison is valid when you consider how much attention her cover photo has received. At one point, Kate was an up-and-coming model who posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated, after which she became a household name.

Whether or not Kate Upton views Hannah Davis or Charlotte McKinney as actual competition remains to be seen. Kate isn’t exactly hurting for attention herself, not since being named Brand Ambassador for Express as reported by Women’s Wear Daily.

There’s also the mobile gaming app Game of War campaign that’s featured a sexy Kate Upton on horseback in an extremely revealing outfit. Her latest commercial debuted during the Super Bowl recently and featured the blond beauty bathing before battle.

Competition from Hannah Davis and Charlotte McKinney aside, it seems Kate Upton is doing all right for herself at the moment.

[Kate Upton image via Clickhole.com]