Sofía Vergara Reportedly ‘Clashing Badly’ With Joe Manganiello Over Wedding Plans

According to the latest reports, all is not well as far as wedding plans are concerned for Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and her to-be-husband, Joe Manganiello.

For a start, Sofia is apparently looking for a big and flashy ceremony and wedding party while Joe has his heart set on a more low-key event, without all the pomp, ceremony, and people!

OK! Magazine reported that a source told them the wedding plan arguments are causing not a small amount of friction between Sofia and Joe.

“Sofía wants a huge wedding jam-packed with all the A-list stars she knows. But Joe just wants to do it in private – and already the differences are starting to show in the whirlwind pairing of Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

The same inside source claims that Joe is so keen on a small, intimate wedding that he even floated the idea of eloping to Sofia, although it seems she is equally set on the massive dream wedding she has always wanted.

“Joe would elope if she agreed. He’s just not into that whole big wedding circus and would much prefer if it was just the two of them doing it. But there’s no way Sofía’d marry without her family there, especially her son, and Joe’s just going to have to back down on this one.”

The Belfast Telegraph reported yesterday that on top of the difference of opinion regarding the size of the wedding, Joe and Sofia are also allegedly not able to agree on a suitable date for the event, another issue that is making problems for the couple.

As Sofia Vergara herself told reporters, “We’re trying right now to figure it out. He’s shooting and promoting ‘Magic Mike’ and I’m promoting my movie with Reese Witherspoon, so we’re kind of busy so we’re trying to do it maybe [this] fall, this summer is too busy.”