Justin Bieber's Shoes Sell For Over $62,000 At Charity Auction Along With Childhood Possessions

Never let it be said that Justin Bieber doesn't give back.

The young singer and his mom, Pattie Mallette have raised thousands of dollars for their hometown Stratford House Of Blessing food bank in Ontario --- in an eBay auction of the star's personal items.

Bidding began on January 31 and ended at noon (local time) on Saturday, February 7.

The highest bid went for a pair of Bieber's Nike basketball shoes, which fetched over $62,000 and were autographed by the singer, as were the other items on offer.

The singer's Toronto Maple Leafs comforter sold for more than $62,000. The pillowcase pulled in more than $3,000, and a ceiling light came in at just under $2,000, CP24 reports.

All the goods were vouched for by a certificate of authenticity which was signed by Justin's grandmother, Diane Dale.

The proceeds -- estimated at over $74,000 -- will be used to support Stratford's House of Blessing food bank, which was used by Bieber and his mother in the first few years of her son's life when they lived in supported housing.

The items were donated by Bieber's grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, and the singer signed them when he went home for the holidays at Christmas. The winning bids are not finalized until confirmed by eBay.

Of the food bank, Mallette previously tweeted that she was, "grateful for their help in the early years."

The charity notes on its website that Bieber and his mom donated the items "because they were helped by us in their time of need."

Meanwhile, over the last two weeks, Bieber stepped back into the spotlight with two guest appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in between which he posted a candid, soul-searching apology video.

The 20-year-old was first interviewed on the popular daytime show on January 29, during which he appeared nervous.

Hours afterwards, in a video shared to his Fahlo and Facebook accounts, he described his past behavior as "arrogant" and "conceited," adding that he now wanted "to make the best impression on people."

Fast forward to earlier this week, in addition to appearing in an episode of The Doctors to surprise a teenage burns survivor, Justin was seen on Thursday's edition of Ellen, during which he said he is not proud of his exploits over the past few years.

He explained that he posted his famous confession/apology video "to just let people know that I'm human."

He went on to say, "People often forget that, even with their comments and stuff they think it doesn't get to me. But, it gets to me. You know things that people say bothers me and I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing."

Justin then explained, "But yeah, that's why I just wanted to make a video to just let people know that I'm human."

"I love people, I love, love, I love. I'm passionate about things, and I'm passionate about... being better and growing," he added.

Raising over $62,000 for a pair of running shoes for a good cause along with other items certainly counts as that.

[Images via Instagram/Twitter]