BMW Mini’s Being Recalled Over Fire Hazard

The BMZ Mini’s have become a staple of U.S. roadways in recent years, almost everywhere you go there’s a good chance you’ll see the BMZ Mini Cooper on the roads and in parking lots and now the company is recalling 235,535 of the popular ultra-compact vehicles.

Of those recalled 89,000 are located in the United States. The recall was issued after the company discovered that a glitch in the circuit board that controls the vehicles water pump and cools the vehicles turbocharger can lead the engine compartments to catch fire.

Four Mini’s are said to have caught fire however the company notes that out of 81 pump failures no related injuries or accidents have been reported.

This isn’t the first time BMW has had an issue with it’s turbocharging system, other BMW and Rolls-Royce luxury cars which use a different turobcharger cooling system have also been known to catch fire.

According to BMW the recall only included Mini Coopers from 2007 through 2011 and only affects models with turbochargers.

Anyone who owns one of the vehicles is encouraged to visit their local BMW dealership to have the issue dealt with.

Have you had any problems with the turbocharger on your BMW Mini Cooper? Share your stories in our comments section.