Mentally Ill Mom And 9-Year-Old Daughter Found Hanging In The Basement Of Their Massachusetts Home

A community is deeply saddened after learning the bodies of 32-year-old Ariana Rosa Soares, and her 9-year-old daughter, Marley Soares, were found hanging in the basement of their home in Massachusetts, according to Daily Mail.

Police officials say Soares – a certified nurses assistant – dropped off her eldest daughter, 11, at a friend’s house Thursday night while she and her other daughter, Marley, returned to their Brockton home on 17th Morgan Street. When Soares didn’t return to pick up her daughter, her friend began to worry and called Plymouth county police the following day.

At 9:48 a.m., the bodies of Soares and her daughter were found hanging next to each other in the basement of their home, according to Boston Globe. Next to the hanged bodies, investigators discovered written documents, but before releasing further information to the public, they will need to continue their investigation.

“There’s some information that was written, and we’re going to figure out who wrote it and see where we go from there,” stated Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz. He also stated that both deaths are “being investigated as homicides.”

Massachusetts woman and daughter found hanging in home
Ariana Rosa Soares, 32, and 9-year-old daughter, Marley Soares

After the bodies of Soares and her daughter were found hanging, family and close friends surrounded the home, holding each other and shedded tears of sorrow.

“Monday was the last time that I talked to her, and she seemed fine,” Claudia Gomes said, a close friend of Ariana.

Although Soares had a long history of mental illness and threatened to kill herself many times, her family and friends never thought she would actually take her own life, including her daughter’s.

“She has mentioned that she was going to kill herself, but this was a while ago, and I told her that that’s not something to do because she has two kids,” Claudia claims. “I always advised her when something’s going on to call me or call one of her friends and just talk about it instead of thinking of killing herself.

According to court documents, the nine-year-old girl, Marley, found hanging next to her mother was turning 10 next week.

“I can’t think. Nothing is coming to say anything. Only thing I know is my daughter’s dead and my granddaughter’s dead,” Jose Rosa, Soares’ father, expressed.

Jose also informed reporters that due to his daughters’ mental illness, he believed she was an unfit mother. He had tried on numerous occasions to get her help, but was unsuccessful.

“At my house, like two years ago, she did, she grabbed my granddaughter and pushed her downstairs like a crazy,” Jose explained. “I tried to help, and I called for help, they don’t help me.”

After the two bodies in the basement were found hanging, police officials shut down Morgan Street to have the bodies removed. The DA is planning an autopsy on both bodies.

Plymouth county DA believes the mother hung the nine-year-old before hanging herself.

As of now, the case is considered a homicide and is an ongoing investigation.

[Image via Boston Globe]