February 6, 2015
Maci Bookout And Ryan Edwards: Is Their Tumultuous Co-Parenting Having An Impact On Their Son?

Maci Bookout has always been a fan favorite among Teen Mom viewers, and now that she is set to come back for the fifth season, fans could not be more happy. In fact, her storyline has always been relatable, not only to teens, but also to older audience members who have had to deal with co-parenting. And it looks like the new season won't be any different.

On Friday, Wetpaint Entertainment released a clip of Maci's storyline, and it shows that co-parenting with Ryan Edwards is just as hard as ever. These two have never gotten along too well, and it looks like that hasn't changed in the time that Teen Mom has been off the air. However, what is worse now is that their son, Bentley, is old enough to understand the situation a bit more and it looks like things may be having an impact on him.

The clip shows Maci Bookout, her boyfriend Taylor, and Bentley pulling up to drop off Bentley with his dad. The precocious Bentley asks if his dad is yet there and Maci replies that she "doesn't know." It shows that they arrive at 1:30 p.m. and, after a forty-minute wait with no word from Ryan, Bentley's mom reveals they won't be waiting much longer.

"If he's not here in ten minutes we are leaving and going home, okay Bentley?"
Maci then receives a call from Ryan who asks Maci if she is waiting for him. After she reveals that she has been waiting for forty minutes, he wonders why she didn't call him and let him know. Maci hangs up and, as the truck drives away, Bentley says, "well, we're going home."

Ryan Edwards is seen with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Shelby Woods, who laughs when Ryan puts down his phone and calls Maci a not-so-nice name. While Shelby's behavior is unsettling, it is what Bentley next says to Maci that is heartbreaking.

"He's always late."
It is obvious that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have some serious co-parenting issues, especially when their six-year-old acknowledges the fact that his dad is often late in picking him up. Of course, most of these things will play out on the new season of the show and it will help give viewers a better perspective.

Co-parenting is never easy and Maci and Ryan's tumultuous relationship will help to show young viewers that, while teen pregnancy is hard, it is also important to make good choices regarding who you procreate with. If the relationship doesn't work out between you and someone and you share a child, then that person will be a part of your life for a long time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maci's storyline will show more than just her co-parenting with Ryan Edwards. She is currently expecting a second child with her boyfriend, Taylor, and the pregnancy is sure to be a huge part of her story.

While there is no doubt that co-parenting may be taking a toll on the reality show star, pregnancy in general seems to have her down.

Maci Bookout is due to give birth to her second child, a daughter, in June.

[Image: via Twitter]