TwittyPic joins the I Can Has Cheezburger family

Not happy with having us rolling on the floor laughing at cute kitty pictures which funny captions Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger fame quietly bought up TwittyPic last week for a so far undisclosed sum. For those of you not in the Twitter know TwittyPic is an aggregator of all the popular pictures and videos that flow through Twitter.

The service is going to be rebranded as Son of A Tweet and Huh thinks that it will be a huge success since it intelligently scans hundreds of thousands of videos and images in real time on Twitter. The plan apparently will to make the new site a Digg type service where folks can vote images and videos up or down

Other services such as Retweet are operating in the arena, but Huh said Son of a Tweet's automated scanning technology behaves like a "giant brain editor.""We think it is going to be big," he said. "Other people are trying to figure out who is popular (on Twitter). We don't care about who, we care about what people like."

Source: TechFlash