February 6, 2015
Cop Uses Police Helicopter To Film People Having Sex, Took Footage Home To Watch Later

A police officer was suspended after he allegedly filmed couples having sex from a police department helicopter. The couples were filmed with the department's thermal imaging camera, and the footage was taken home with the officer to watch later.

According to the Daily Express, police officer and father-of-two Adrian Pogmore from Sheffield, England, was suspended after his wife informed the South Yorkshire Police Department that he had been using the department's helicopter to film people having sex. The wife claims that Pogmore was flying over known dogging sites to obtain the footage. Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in public sex. It is also said that he filmed a couple having sex down a country road.

It is believed that the footage was filmed back in 2008. However, the wife did not report the incident until the couple apparently split up back in December, 2014. The South Yorkshire Police Department investigated the matter and searched Pogmore's home, where they removed a disc.

"They removed a disc and after interviewing him concluded that he had a case to answer."
The Daily Mail reports that Pogmore is said to have taken the video footage while on official police duty.
"The misuse of the thermal camera is alleged to have occurred in 2008 while the helicopter was deployed for legitimate policing purposes."
It was also noted that a second officer and a National Police Air Service pilot was inside the helicopter at the time of the filming incident. The second officer has been interviewed an is also subject to a "Professional Standards investigation."
"A second South Yorkshire officer inside the helicopter at the time of the alleged incident was also subject to a Professional Standards investigation. This pilot is employed by the National Police Air Service (NPAS) and his involvement has been investigated and no misconduct was identified. This report will be referred to NPAS for their consideration."
The police department says that the alleged video was filmed with the department's Wescam MX15 thermal imaging camera. The camera claims it is "equally effective day or night." The department also says that any footage being recorded is displayed on a television screen inside of the helicopter. The South Yorkshire Police Department boasts that "the camera system, while the most expensive part of the aircraft, is among the best in world. It is used to search open areas, both rural and urban, not only to trace offenders but to locate missing persons, resulting in numerous lives being saved." It appears the expensive piece of equipment may also be good at filming more than missing persons.

What do you think should happen to the officer if he is found guilty of filming couples having sex without their knowledge?