Pig Eats Owner's Marijuana, Livid Owner Flips Out -- And Gets Tased By The Cops!

An Ohio native found himself on the wrong end of a police officer's Taser on Saturday—all thanks to his cannabis-happy pet pig and a bottle of really strong alcohol.

The matter all began on Saturday, when Chad Spohn discovered that his marijuana stash was missing.

Eventually, Spohn would learn that it wasn't so much "missing" as completely devoured by his pet pig, Millie.

Too enraged to appreciate a good "pot-bellied pig" joke, Chad reportedly dealt with his rage by drinking about a fifth of a 190-proof bottle of Everclear.

Downing near pure alcohol proved to be a terrible coping mechanism, as it only made Chad Spohn more agitated. Before long, the 44-year-old began to have suicidal thoughts.

According to the Smoking Gun, Chad threatened to harm himself during conversations with the 911 dispatchers. During one of the several 911 calls, Spohn reportedly held a butcher knife to his throat.

Spohn's estranged wife said that Chad was acting out because he was depressed due to their impending divorce. She apparently told police about the "pig ate the pot" incident.

"Chad gets upset when he does not have marijuana."
The police officers who arrived on the scene reportedly found Chad Spohn to be uncooperative.

A confrontation ensued, during which a law enforcement official decided to use a Taser to subdue Spohn.

It proved to be an effective method of calming down Chad, who was taken into custody a short while later. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, two misdemeanor offenses.

He was reluctant to talk to the officer who tased him, but later admitted that he was indeed depressed because his wife and daughter had left him.

A day before his arrest, Chad Spohn had admitted on Facebook that his pig Millie had gotten into his prized marijuana stash.

"Well the wife said just because I didn't put my stuff up, and she ate it that it is my fault, and I go before the pig. I guess I will be putting in some higher shelves. [sic]"
It's also noted that Chad seemed to have had enough of Millie, the marijuana-eating pig, to get rid of her.

"Anyone want a pig she is free and comes with food and cage. She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog she will follow it. I just don't have time for her anymore."

So if you have time for a marijuana-munching pig named Mellie, you should definitely contact Chad Spohn as soon as possible.

[Image Credit: Complex]