Had plans to buy that cool Steve Jobs doll? Well you can forget it – it’s been cancelled

You can file this one under the “Well Duh!” category but a little while back after Steve Jobs had passed away toy maker In Icons announced that they were going to produce a highly detailed figurine of the Apple CEO. The figurine was reportedly set to come with a holdable apple and a chair you could use to pose the Jobs figurine on as well as a backdrop that had the famous “One more thing” catch phrase on it.

Just about everyone in the tech industry knew that this wasn’t going to fly and that there was no doubt that Apple would let loose their lawyers to stop this desecration of their dear leader.

Well it turns out that we were right, Apple has indeed let In Turn know that this wasn’t going to happen by sending them a cease-and-desist letter that state that In Icons was breaking the law by creating a product that “resembles the technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance, or likeness of its products.”

While Tandy Cheung, head of the Honk Kong based In Icons, disagreed with the interpretation of the law he dis agree that the company would stop the offer and any production of the Steve Jobs figurine out of respect for the feelings of the Jobs family.

via CNET