ISIS Fail Video Compilations Go Viral In Wake Of Jordanian Pilot’s Publicized Execution

In the wake of the publicized murder of the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive, Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh, at the hands of ISIS, video compilations of the terrorists accidentally blowing themselves up have begun to go viral.

In one video, a fighter blows himself up when his rocket launcher backfires and, in yet another terrorist fail captured on camera, a terrorist accidentally blasts a comrade with a machine gun.

The videos are being circulated around the web in an effort to hit back at the terrorist organization after the group released footage of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage, according to the Daily Mail.

Jordan appears to be holding true to their word, as the Inquisitr reported that they previously vowed to execute ISIS prisoners and Jordan’s King Abdullah II executed two al-Qaida prisoners before dawn on Wednesday, after promising a strong response to the ISIS slaying of al-Kasasbeh, CNN reported. Sajida al-Rishawi, a would-be Iraqi suicide bomber who ISIS requested the release of, and Ziad Karbouli, were both executed a day after the video of the Jordanian military pilot’s murder appeared.

In one of the terrorist fail compilations, a jihadist kills himself after firing his mortar too quickly without allowing for adequate time to cool down; eventually, a round blows up in the chamber and kills him instantly.

Another video shows a militant firing a rocket launcher, but it falls limply to the ground just a few feet in front of him.

King Abdullah II of Jordan didn’t waste any time pounding ISIS in Syria, claiming “it’s just the beginning” of the Arab nation’s efforts to eliminate ISIS, Inquisitr reported yesterday. The report quoted King Abdullah as having promised an “earthshaking” response.

Fox News quoted the director of the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ Middle East Program, Jon Alterman, as having said that Abdullah is “very serious about being a military guy” and that he was “a special forces commander” for some time, a position which Alterman said he filled from “Black Hawk helicopters and command posts at the site of terrorist raids” instead of “from the back of chauffeured cars.”

ISIS claims an American female hostage, Kayla Mueller, was killed by Jordanian airstrikes. Inquisitr reported that the aid worker’s death has not yet been independently confirmed. The airstrikes were initiated by King Abdullah II.

The SITE Intelligent Group, which tracks potential jihadist activity, indicated that the Islamic State had published a message indicating that the female American hostage was killed but no “mujahid” were “injured in the bombardment.”

“The failed Jordanian aircraft killed an American female hostage. No mujahid was injured in the bombardment, and all praise is due to Allah.”

ISIS previously demanded $6 million in ransom be paid for the release of Kayla Mueller. The cash ransom came in addition to the release of ISIS supporters. Amongst those the group demanded the release of was a neuroscientist trained at MIT, Aafia Siddiqui, who was convicted in 2010 of attempting to murder U.S. officials and planning to create dirty bombs to attack the United States.

[Image via YouTube screen grab]