Tim Tebow May Head to the Super Bowl Despite Embarrassing Loss

Tim Tebow may still have a ticket to the Super Bowl. The Mile High Messiah lost his chance to compete in the AFC Championship game after the Denver Broncos suffered an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots, but Tebow could still get some face time on CBS next Sunday.

Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman, said that the network has invited Tebow to be a guest analyst during the New England Patriots – Baltimore Ravens game. McManus said:

“We’ve had conversations with his people. We have a request in. We haven’t heard back.”

Sporting News reports that CBS expects an answer by mid-week.

Tebow has become a media magnet since took the starting spot for the Broncos this season. His last minute victories have divided critics and fans and skyrocketed his popularity. CBS said that the Broncos – Patriots game was on its way to a record breaking audience, but when the Patriots started to dominate, fans stopped watching.

McManus said:

“If (the game) had a chance to build (drama), it could have been a record rating. But I’ll take it.”

CBS analyst Shannon Sharpe said that Tebow’s popularity, and not necessarily his talent, has secured his starting position in Denver. Sharpe said:

“The fans love this guy. I don’t know if (another player) can come in there and get an honest shake at beating him out for the starting job.”

Do you think Tim Tebow would give the AFC Championship game a ratings boost? Or is Tom Brady enough of a draw to bring NFL fans to CBS?