Queen Rania Of Jordan Joins Thousands Of Protesters As Bombs Rain On ISIS

Queen Rania of Jordan is standing by her husband, King Abdullah, as the Arab nation pounds ISIS strongholds in Syria following the barbaric murder of their pilot, Moaz al-Kasaesbeh, who was burned alive in early January.

After the release of a propaganda video that has left the civilized world in shock, Jordan wasted no time unleashing its military force upon the ISIS thugs who killed the defenseless man. The royals have been very visible during this difficult time for Jordan and have sent a clear message that the pilot’s death will not go unpunished.

Starting on Thursday, Jordanian bombers were flying at least 20 missions to rain down bombs on ISIS. Some of the soldiers were seen writing messages on the explosives being delivered by the F-16 pilots.

A Jordanian officer wrote, “Will show them hell, from the Jordanian air force” in Arabic at one of Jordan’s air bases.

February 5, 2015

Queen Rania of Jordan led thousands of protesters in support of their fallen pilot, who they now call “Martyr Moaz.” The 44-year-old monarch also consoled al-Kasaesbeh’s devastated widow, who had married the fighter just last year and cried on her Queen’s shoulder.

On Thursday, King Abdullah visited the family of the Jordanian pilot — who belongs to a prominent tribe — and hugged and kissed his father, promising that he would personally be involved in avenging his son’s brutal death at the hands of ISIS terrorists. The king is using all the means he has to send a clear message and stated the bombings on Thursday are “only the beginning” of the campaign to crush those who killed the young man.

Following Friday prayers, which were held in the midst of great sorrow for the loss of the Jordanian pilot in the most unimaginable way, the masses took to the streets to rally around their leader. Queen Rania was front and center at the unity march near the city’s main Husseini mosque, chants of “Death to Daesh” — a derogatory Arabic acronym for the terror group — were heard throughout the day.

Unity March in Jordan protesting ISIS killing of pilot
Unity March in Jordan protesting ISIS killing of pilot (Image via Twitter)

Queen Rania addressed the outraged mob while holding a photo of the Jordanian pilot, who has become a hero in the eyes of his countrymen.

“Moaz died standing for his country and faith, defending our common humanity. We are united in our grief and pride in our brave martyr. Jordan is united in its resolve to confront this ideology of terror and ultra-violence. We cannot win this war alone, but it is absolutely our war.”

King Abdullah of Jordan has promised to avenge the Jordanian pilot's murder (Image via Instagram)

Jordanians had been divided on whether or not their country should be helping the so-called coalition in its fight against ISIS. However, after the brutal murder of Martyr Moaz they are rallying around King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan.

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