Boy Remembers Past Life As A Woman Who Died Horrific Death, Provides Detailed Information As Proof

An Ohio family is convinced that their son was a Chicago woman in his past life. The boy was able to provide detailed description of the woman and her life along with her horrific death. Is this proof of reincarnation?

In the video interview above, you hear the remarkable story of an Ohio boy who claims he was an African American woman from Chicago in his past life. The boy recalls what he looked like and the horrific way he died. The boy’s mother says that from an early age her son was obsessed with safety. She thought it was just a strange childhood quirk, but soon became frustrated as the boy became obsessed with the name Pam.

She questioned the boy about Pam and asked who she was. The boy responded, “well, I was.” As the mother pushed for further information it became evident that the boy thought he was Pam in a past life. He said that when he was Pam he lived in Chicago and had black hair and skin. He also claims that he died in a fire after jumping out of a window.

Obviously she was skeptical of this story so decided to do a little digging to see if there was any evidence the story could be true. She looked online and found a news story about a fire at a residential Paxton Hotel in Chicago. As she looked through the names of those who died she came across Pamela Robinson. Pamela was one of 19 people who died in the fire after jumping from a hotel window to her death. The story was eerily similar to the one the boy had told, so the mother decided to give him a little test.

She printed off a photo of Pamela Robinson along with a number of other random images of people from that time. Could her son pick Pamela Robinson out of the mix? She says out of all the photos he picked Pamela Robsinson, the woman who died in the exact manner he had described.

The family is now convinced that their son is proof that reincarnation can happen. What do you think?