February 6, 2015
Apple iPad Air Pro Fleshes Out In Rumors And Speculations

Apple iPad Air 3/Pro/Plus has been a buzzword on the internet for about a month, but so far we know precious little about the supposed new installment in Apple tablet technology. Last week, the Inquisitr reported specs on an Apple iPad Air 3 case received from a supposedly reliable source. It can give us certain insights into what the future device may be.

"Sharp eyes see locations for four speakers, as well as available charging ports for an iPad Air device in both portrait and landscape mode. It also shows that the device would have a screen size somewhere between 12.2 and 12.9 inches on the diagonal."

But it is far from being the only case of rumors and speculations about the new tablet finding their way on the internet. People report seeing molds for the new iPads, getting exclusive access to its specifications, and GizmoChina states that the new device will be called iPad Plus, probably due to increased battery capacity.

"As for battery, the company will reportedly increase the capacity to 11000mAh which will be almost 150% increase as compared to the current iPad Air 2."

Some excited Apple fans state that the new iPad will be released as soon as this spring. It is, however, doubtful because two first versions of the device were both released in October (2013 and 2014 correspondingly), and the third one is most likely to follow the same pattern.

Other features that most sources agree on are a 12.2 or 12.9 inch display, probably with a resolution boost, and a new A9 or A9X processor. The new iPad will also be somewhat thicker than its predecessor (7mm to be exact, which is still rather thin for a tablet of this size) and noticeably heavier (700g).

According to another interesting rumor, the new iPad is going to run OS X Yosemite, unlike all other Apple tablets, and feature a stylus – based on a completely new technology developed by Apple. The stylus was added despite Steve Job's famous statement, when he said God already gave us ten styluses and there is no need to invent another one.

So far, Apple seems to ignore all these rumors, speculations, and suppositions, which means that it is quite possible that none of them have any basis in reality. Some even believe that the new Apple iPad Air and Macbook Air are the same thing – which would be nice for those Apple fans who feel obligated to buy all their new devices.