From Lady Gaga To Kanye West, Paul McCartney’s Unusual Choices For Collaborations Are Everything [Video]

Paul McCartney, one of pop’s most iconic figures, has made what some may say are quite unusual choices when it comes to his collaborations and team-ups as of late.

The Beatles heartthrob recently raised eyebrows when he was said to be uniting his vocal style with the rhymes of Kanye West for what resulted in West’s “Only One” single. Slate Magazine notes just how perfectly McCartney and Kanye’s vocal styles complement each other and jokingly has high hopes for the pair.

“Paul, one of pop’s great singers, could ably sing all the hooks in Kanye’s songs. Kanye could do autotuned versions of all the John parts in Beatles tracks. And think of the opportunities for medleys and mashups.”

Ironically enough, it’s doubtful that this will be the “only one” single that the two lay down, as it gained praise immediately when Paul tweeted it out just moments before midnight on New Year’s Eve. The duo then made it a trio by bringing Rihanna onto their “FourFiveSeconds” effort, and McCartney hasn’t looked back since. He’s full steam ahead when it comes to the unsuspecting collaboration track he’s on.

The 72-year-old musical genius now has reportedly joined forces with the always charismatic Lady Gaga as well as with the guitarist of Pearl Jam, Mike McCready. Lady Gaga is no stranger to working with the greats of the music world after recording an entire album with crooner Tony Bennett, and she recently took to Instagram to share her excitement about working with Paul. Ultimate Classic Rockrecounts Gaga’s message.

“Had a beautiful session with Sir Paul McCartney and friends. Working on one of his many secret projects! Killer musicians, vibe and lots of laughs.”

Lady Gaga, McCartney and friends at a recent recording session, image via NY Daily

Gaga then wrote that she thought it was a prank when McCartney phoned to collaborate and actually hung up on him. Thank goodness she came to her senses and linked up with Paul because the combo of talent between the two is sure to result in greatness on record.

McCartney and Gaga team up for a recording, image via Instagram

McCartney’s recent collaboration selections are those of a true genius looking to link the old with the new and appeal to generations of listeners. Slate indicates that when it comes to the Kanye projects, the “PaulYe collaboration hasn’t only been a success for McCartney: With a Grammy’s performance coming up on Sunday night, ‘FourFiveSeconds’ is already on track to be Kanye’s biggest hit in years.”

Perhaps a united Watch the Throne tour Paul and Kanye style, isn’t such an inconceivable idea after all.

Watch and listen to Kanye West’s new single “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney.

[Feature image via Stereogum]