February 6, 2015
School Bus Driver Tired Of Unruly Elementary School Students Parks And Leaves More Than 50 Kids On Side Of Road

One school bus driver could no longer handle the stressful pressures of driving unruly children back and forth to school. However, the way she chose to rectify the situation has left many in shock. According to KHOU 11-News, a school bus driver for the Columbia-Brazoria school district recently decided after two years of driving a route for the Barrow Elementary School that she'd had enough.

Apparently, the students' bad behavior got the best of her, so she parked, unbuckled her seatbelt and walked off leaving over 50 children, ranging from preschool age to fifth grade, sitting on the bus stranded with no way home. The children were reportedly unattended for nearly an hour on Tuesday, Feb. 3.

However, there are conflicting accounts about what actually occurred. While some reports insist the bus driver "abandoned" the children, other reports claim she refused to drive any further and waited for a substitute driver. Hayden Alexander, a five-year-old boy, and one fifth grade passenger identified as Haleigh recounted the horrific turn of events and the aftermath following their alleged "abandonment."

"She was driving and she slammed on the brakes really hard and she unbuckled her seat belt and she was like, 'I'm done!' and she just walked off the bus," said Haleigh.

"The bus driver got off and left us on the side of the road," Hayden said.

The school bus driver's actions reportedly left many of the children in shock. One fifth grader revealed her younger siblings actually took sick, fearing they'd never make it home safe. "Madlyne has like, throw up going all down her side," the fifth-grader said. "Stuy was like shaking his butt off. I'm like nervous. I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're going to have a heart attack.'"

Cyndy Pullen, director of human resources for the Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District, recently gave a brief statement to Yahoo! Parenting in reference to the school bus driver's actions.

"She felt like the kids were too rowdy and she couldn't handle it," Pullen explained.
The school bus driver was immediately placed on administrative leave and has now resigned. The footage from the security cameras will also be reviewed as part of an ongoing investigation, reports Click 2 Houston. However, parents are reportedly outraged and feel the school district should be held accountable because this isn't the first issue they've faced with the same bus driver.

The situation has also sparked quite a debate. Many readers actually addressed the parents of the unruly children, arguing that they should teach their children to behave on a school bus for their own safety. However, other readers, who also have children, feel the school district did not do enough to reprimand the bus driver. Some have even argued that the bus driver should face child endangerment charges.

"This would be a good time for the parents to teach their kids to behave on the bus. The driver has enough to do with trying to drive a bus safely let alone with kids yelling and acting up behind him."

"If a parent did this, he/she would be in jail. How can the school and the driver escape punishment?"

"I stand in agreement, I seriously don't understand how she can up and leave and not be charged for child endangerment..."

"Finish the day and quit. Leaving kids on the side of the road is inappropriate and irresponsible."

Do you think the bus driver should face charges for leaving the kids on the bus? Share your thoughts.

[Image via NWA Motherlode]