February 6, 2015
Adam Lind Of 'Teen Mom 2' Stalking Charges: Outcome Revealed

Adam Lind is known as the bad boy dad from Teen Mom 2. Although he has two daughters to two different women, Adam has found himself in and out of trouble. His most recent brush with the law was when an ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him and he was charged with domestic stalking charges.

Luckily for Adam, the restraining order was dropped at the request of his ex, Brooke. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brooke no longer felt threatened by Adam Lind. A source originally spoke to Radar Online regarding the dropped restraining order.

"She dropped it because he left her alone. He respected her wishes and as long as he continues to do that, they won't have a problem."

Despite the restraining order being dropped, Adam Lind still faced domestic stalking charges. His court date was set for February 4, and although it was thought that the Teen Mom 2 dad would have to face the possibility of taking a plea deal which could have resulted in the case going in front of a jury, things turned out pretty good for Adam, according to Radar Online. A court spokesperson confirmed to the site that "the case was dismissed."

While this is good news for Adam Lind, who was last reported to be dating a married woman, his legal troubles may not be over just yet. The mothers of his daughters are reportedly considering teaming up to take him to court regarding custody. According to some sources, Chelsea Houska isn't comfortable with her daughter being alone with Adam, and although she has not always gotten along with Taylor Halbur, the two may set aside their differences for their kids.

In fact, things have been going well for the women, who are both in stable relationships. The men that they are with appear to treat their daughters well, and both women couldn't be happier. Chelsea Houska even shared a photo of her boyfriend, Cole, playing a game with her daughter, Aubree.

Unlike other Teen Mom 2 stars, Adam Lind is not very active on social networking sites. Because of this, he has not yet spoken out about the charges being dropped, but he is likely happy. He will be back with the other cast members for the sixth season of the show, which will air on MTV later this year. Although filming has started, an air date has not been announced.

[Image: via Instagram]