Katy Perry Jealous Of Left Shark? Singer Sends Lawyers After Guy Selling Shark Figurines

Katy Perry wants to make sure that fans of Left Shark can't celebrate her Super Bowl costar by inviting him to hang out on their desks. The "Roar" singer's claws have come out, and she's using her lawyers to prevent the sale of Left Shark figurines.

According to CNN, artist Fernando Sosa tried to help Left Shark fans show their love for the Super Bowl's biggest star by creating 3-D printed sculptures of the bad dancer from the deep. Sosa told CNBC that he only sold ten of the figurines on Shapeways 3-D printing marketplace.


However, it wasn't long before Sosa got a cease and desist letter from Katy Perry's lawyers. He was told to stop selling the Left Shark figurines and to turn over any of the products that were still in his possession. Sosa told Perry's attorneys that he wouldn't mind paying royalties for any figurines he sold, and he asked about licensing his products. However, he was told that "they don't have any licensing right now."


"Well, it looks like dictators and world leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un or Chris Christie are much easier to deal with," Sosa said of his interaction with Perry's people.

SheKnows called Katy Perry out for making a way uncool move by going after Sosa, and the site speculated that Katy Perry might be a bit jealous of Left Shark's popularity. Even though Katy changed outfits four times and flew through the air like "The More You Know" star, all the Left Shark had to do to outshine her was dance so badly that he became an instant internet meme.

John Mayer also seems a bit upset that the floppy-finned fish is getting more attention than his girlfriend. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Mayer recently interviewed Left Shark and Right Shark during his stint as a guest host on The Late Late Show. John complained that everyone talked about the dancing sharks after the Super Bowl halftime show instead of commending Katy's performance. Katy Perry might be able to prevent one guy from selling Left Shark figurines, but she can't stop the sea creature's fans from being obsessed with him. The singer even complimented one mega fan's Left Shark tattoo.Judging from the red spot behind Left Shark, he just finished chowing down on one of Perry's human background dancers. His Super Bowl snack was probably one of those girls wearing a belly button-covering, polka-dotted Taylor Swift bikini.According to TIME, Katy Perry is taking a page from Kim Kardashian by creating her own mobile game based on her "global success and talent." However, perhaps the singer should be developing a Left Shark game instead -- just imagine how popular a Flappy Bird-style game called Floppy Fin would be. Players could help a drunken Left Shark swim through a maze of palm trees, surf boards, and beach balls.

Do you think Katy Perry made a mean move by sending her lawyers after the guy creating Left Shark figurines, or was she just being a smart businesswoman?

[Image credits: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via PEOPLE, Fernando Sosa/Instagram]