Kate Beckinsale Reveals Weight Fears over ‘Underworld’ Catsuit

Actress Kate Beckinsale was concerned she wouldn’t be able to squeeze catsuit for ‘Underworld: Awakening’ because she ate so much while filming Contraband, a recently released film where Kate plays the wife of a former drug smuggler.

According to CTV news, the British actress was overwhelmed with the variety of food choices while shooting ‘Contraband’ in the Louisiana city and admitted it led to some anxiety about getting back in shape for the skin tight costumes she wears in the latest ‘Underworld’ installment.

Kate explained to Ontheredcarpet.com:

“The whole time I was preparing for ‘Underworld,’ I was actually shooting ‘Contraband,’ so New Orleans is a wonderful city, but it’s not the most fantastic place to get in shape because we want to go try those beignets and all those wonderful things.

“It’s got the worst kind of ‘Underworld’ suit food, really. So it was a miracle. I guess having had a lot of training for the first one, thank goodness, it wasn’t quite as extensive as that but there were still a lot of complicated fight scenes to learn and stunts I hadn’t done before and just the sheer terror of getting back into that suit, which is a bit like a put your bikini on and stand in Times Square kind of feeling.”

Contraband opened last weekend as the top film at US and Canadian theaters, raking in $24.1 million.

Kate Beckinsale talks more about the movie in the clip below:

In ‘Awakening,’ the fourth installment of the Underworld series, Beckinsale – a beautiful vampire warrior named Selene entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races – awakes to finds that she has given birth to a vampire/werewolf hybrid who is the key to saving the world and who is the other escapee from the prison in which she has been held for the past 15 years.

Underworld Awakening is slated to hit big screens on January 20th in IMAX, Digital 3D and 2D.

Check out Kate Beckinsale in the trailers for both films below:

Contraband Trailer

Underworld: Awakening

via CTV.ca