‘GTA V’ Online Services Now Fully Restored on PS4, PS3

After many PlayStation users experienced issues with connecting to the online servers of Grand Theft Auto V over the course of the past few days, it now looks like all PSN issues have been fully resolved. Earlier in the week, dozens of gamers made reports on Rockstar Games’ official support website to document an error that was preventing select PS3 and PS4 players from being able to access the online multiplayer mode of GTA V.

PlayStation owners affected by the issue were receiving an alert within GTA V, informing them that they needed to download additional files to be able to connect to Rockstar’s online services. However, the error also prevented them from being able to download anything, so they were simply unable to access the files. At the time, Rockstar support staff acknowledged that they were aware of the issues and were currently investigating the situation to get GTA V back online for everyone as quickly as possible.

The server status page for Grand Theft Auto V still listed the game as being up across all platforms. However, the status message for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 did confirm that there were GTA V connectivity issues due to problems affecting the PlayStation Network.

GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3)

It now appears that the PSN problems were, in fact, the cause behind the issues that were preventing some PlayStation players from being able connect to GTA V‘s online mode. Earlier today, the official Twitter account for PlayStation support announced that all known PlayStation Network issues have now been fixed.

“The PSN issues reported earlier seem to be resolved now. Happy gaming!”

With Sony’s online services fully operational, Grand Theft Auto V players on the PS3 and PS4 are now reporting to Rockstar that the issues do indeed seem to now be resolved. As it currently stands, it seems like GTA V users can now play online across all platforms without incident.

This past Tuesday, Rockstar Games also announced that they have selected 10 new user-created missions to promote inside GTA V‘s official playlist. The Inquisitr reported that the new Rockstar Verified jobs are comprised of a variety of styles and game modes, ranging from traditional competitive matches to new maps that pit GTA V fans against hordes of zombie-clowns.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 following its original last-gen release in 2013. A PC version of GTA V is also scheduled to release this March, and online heist missions have been confirmed to be added to the game prior to that date.

[Images via Rockstar Games]