Ricky Gervais vs. Madonna at Golden Globes 2012 [Video]

Ricky Gervais was back to host the Golden Globes 2012 on Sunday night, after his faux-controversial roasting of celebrities last year. This year, however, at least one celeb target bit back harder (and better): Madonna.

After introducing the pop legend as “all woman. She’s always vogue. She’s a material girl. And she’s just like a virgin [theatrical cough],” Madonna took the stage and quipped back:

“If I’m still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don’t you come over here and do something about it? I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years — [long dramatic comedy pause] — on TV.”

Gervais could then be seen sprinting across the back of the stage, as if he were running from the prospect of having sex with Madonna. Because, you see, he found the idea of sleeping with Madonna abhorrent. I … I would say your sides are probably safe from splitting.

Overall, Gervais’s hosting at the 2011 Globes was viewed widely as career suicide in the immediate aftermath of the awards, but of course that was always a myth played up by the Globes and Gervais to enhance his ‘edgy’ credentials. Gervais was back in the role by November.

The truth is Gervais’s 2011 ribbing was (a) not remotely ‘edgy’ (b) very hit-and-miss and (c) directed at the exact same people he’s matey with off-stage (and recruits in his sitcoms), despite his wafer-thin pretense that he despises shallow celebrity culture.

Still, I did like The Office a lot. Oh, to have that Gervais back again. Here’s the (I’m sure very well-prepared) exchange between him and Madonna: