Sinking Cruise Ship Dancer Saved After Updating Facebook Status

Facebook is popular, last message to friends and family before you die popular to be exact. That was the thought process delivered by Costa Condoria luxury cruise ship dancer named Rosa.

As the ship began to sink after hitting a reef she updated her Facebook page with the following message:

“My name is Rose, and I’m one of the last survivors still on board the sinking cruise ship off the coast of Italy. Pray for us to be rescued.”

22-year-old Rose Metcalf was thankfully saved several hours later as the deck to her part of the ship was in a nearly-perpendicular direction to the water.

A rescue helicopter snatched the dancer as a rescuer dangled from an incoming rescue line.

According to the New York Daily News Rose wasn’t the only one to be saved, a magician’s assistant stuck inside a trick box didn’t have the chance to update her Facebook account, telling the publication:

“I was in the long box—like a coffin—on stage when I felt the ship run aground,” said Rosalyn Rincon.

While Rosalyn and Rose were both rescued at least six people have died.

Other passengers text messaged and phoned family members as the ship slowly sank, thankfully unlike the Titanic modern technology was able to help rescuers reach the cruise ship at a fast rate.

If you had one choice, to call a single family member or send out a mass message to all of your friends, family , co-workers and other Facebook followers what would you do in those last moments?