Roswell Alien Photo Slides To Be Released: ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Of 1947 UFO Crash?

A team of UFO researchers announced at a livestreamed online press conference on Feb. 4 that it has obtained Kodachrome slide images that provide “smoking gun” evidence that aliens are real and that an alien UFO crash actually occurred in Roswell in 1947, despite government denial.

According to Anthony Bragalia, who was involved in investigating and authenticating the purported photographic evidence, the slides represent “stunning visual evidence of a humanoid creature that was found crashed near Roswell.”

He said the images on the slides have been examined and declared authentic by a photo specialist who had worked with Kodak for decades and had led technical project teams at the company’s headquarters in Rochester, New York, and published authoritative books in the field.

After conducting detailed and extensive tests on the slides, the specialist concluded that they were authentic slides from 1947 that had not been “tampered with or manipulated in any way.”

“What is depicted is really there, accurately reflected in the emulsion as an actual moment in time in 1947. Science has weighed in and has determined that these are real slides that are really from 1947.”

“Documentary Evidence is a legal term that relates to evidence that accurately reflects a moment in time.”

“The Only Conclusion: This humanoid is not a deformed person, mummy, dummy, simian or dead serviceman.”

“It is not a creature that finds its origin on Earth.”

Open Minds’ Alejandro Rojas reports that the team presenting the evidence first announced discovery of the “Roswell slides” last month at American University in Washington, D.C. Tom Carey, one of the UFO researchers who obtained the slides, used the livestreamed online conference held on Feb. 4 to release more information about the photos and set a date when they will be released to the public.

The conference was sponsored by a well known Mexican journalist and UFO investigator, Jaime Maussan, whose website and YouTube channel are promoting the release of the photos on May 5, 2015, at the National Auditorium in Mexico City.

The promotion has involved interviews and videos that provide more background information about the source and nature of the photos.

According to Bragalia, the event at Mexico’s National Auditorium on May 5 will be transmitted live. Noted researchers will provide detailed information about the background and origin of the slides.

But ahead of release of the photos, a video showing a computer generated image of what the aliens look like was posted to the Tercermilenio YouTube channel (see video below — the documentary is in the Spanish language).

A second video posted to the YouTube channel shows an interview with the former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a native of Roswell and the sixth man on the moon in the Apollo 14 mission. In the interview, Mitchell states that he came to believe that an alien spacecraft actually crashed in Roswell in 1947 after interviewing people from Roswell, including a friend who was an Army Major.

Another video, which was been removed from the YouTube channel, shows an interview with a man identified as Adam Dew, who reveals the origin of the photos. According to Dew, his friend’s sister discovered the photos in 1989 while cleaning out the house of a deceased and childless American couple, Bernerd and Hilda Blair Ray, in Arizona.

Bernerd Ray was an oil exploration geologist who had worked in the fields of the Roswell area of New Mexico in the 1940s and was president of the Texas chapter of the American Institute of Petroleum Geologists in 1947.

His wife, Hilda, was a “highly respected” lawyer with “high-end clientele and possible intelligence connections.”

Bragalia pressed the claim of authenticity of the photos, based on the argument that what is known about the couple confirms that they were of “highest integrity… with no propensity to prank.”

“This is a couple who were of the highest integrity. And both had contacts and activities that could have fortuitously enabled them to obtain these slides.”

Dew said his friend’s sister found the slides while cleaning out the couple’s house. She found a chest of old Kodachrome slides in the attic, and decided to keep it in her garage. She kept them for about 10 years without bothering to look at them. But when she finally looked at them, she found that they contained photos of places from different parts of the world and famous people, including President Dwight Eisenhower and Clark Gable.

But she also discovered two Kodachrome slides carefully wrapped up in an envelope hidden in the inner lining of the chest’s lid. She found that the slides had images of strange looking beings. She showed the photos to her brother, who showed them to Dew. Dew explained that because the film looked genuine, he took them to Carey and his partner Don Schmitt, both UFO researchers.

As part of their investigation to confirm the authenticity of the slides, Carey and his partner contacted a Kodak specialist who verified that the slides were Kodak slides manufactured in 1947 and that the sleeves were the type used by Kodak in the mid-1940s.

Describing the aliens, Carey said the slides show “formerly living” frail-looking humanoids about three-and-a-half to four feet in height. The creatures have big heads and a pair of spindly arms and legs. A slide shows one of the aliens headless and partly dissected.

“Professionals from a range of disciplines who have seen the slides agree that they depict a small humanoid creature –a formerly living thing- that is neither a prop nor a genetically defective human.”

“And importantly, the being that is shown in the slides does not correlate whatsoever to the depictions of aliens extant in the popular culture of the 1940s.”

Schmitt told the audience that the photos were an earthshaking discovery.

“It will certainly be the most important event in our lifetimes, because we are demonstrating, not only photographic evidence, but we are also demonstrating what all of these witnesses have reported to us over all of these years.”

But as Open Mind’s Rojas notes, it remains to be seen whether the actual slides would fulfill the promise of the pre-release hype.