Brittany Musick Calls ‘Bulls**t’ On Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert’s Marriage?

Brittany Musick selfie

Brittany Musick has just seemingly called “bulls**t” on Jeremy Calvert’s marriage to Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer.

Following a series of messages shared on Messer’s Facebook page, which featured Calvert gushing over his wife via text message, Musick shared a message of her own. In the post, Musick called “bulls**t,” but didn’t confirm whether she was talking about the reality couple or not.

“I call bulls**t. If that makes any sense?”

Since the tweet was shared just hours after Messer went public with Calvert’s text messages, the timing certainly gives reason to believe it was Messer and Calvert’s marriage that Brittany Musick was speaking of, but since she didn’t say for sure, that’s purely speculation at this point.

As fans will recall, Brittany Musick struck up a friendship with Jeremy Calvert after he publicly proclaimed Messer cheated on him with Robbie Kidd, the same man she cheated on Corey Simms with just hours before they wed. However, a short time later, Calvert and Messer were back together and his relationship with Musick came to an end.

Around that same time, Calvert deactivated his Twitter account and took a break from social media. Then, in mid-January, he returned.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Calvert’s return to social media wasn’t without controversy. On his first day back, Calvert failed to share any tweets of his own, but he did make his way to Brittany Musick’s page, where he favorited a tweet, which spoke of her media deal with Howie Wood Entertainment.

Although Calvert has remained silent in the weeks since his slip-up, his wife, Messer, has continued to actively convince fans that their marriage is intact. Still, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported, not everyone is convinced they’re doing as good as she claims.

“Wow, still trying to justify your relationship to the public……………….ok,” one commenter wrote on Messer’s post about her happy marriage.

Another said, “Really sad u just keep posting stuff trying to prove u r together.”

As for Calvert, he appears just as confused, and while Messer has listed her Facebook relationship status as “Married,” Calvert’s says “It’s Complicated.”

In one of Messer’s latest marriage updates, she shared a text from Calvert, which read, “God I love you Leah Dawn. IDK honestly what it is 1000% bout you but you have my heart more than anyone ever has in my life and sometimes it drives me crazy just trying to figure just what it is about you and I think it’s not just one thing its everything about you if that makes sense.”

Brittany Musick will not appear on the upcoming sixth season of Teen Mom 2.

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