Boko Haram Reportedly Driven From Nigerian Town By Chadian Forces

Boko Haram has reportedly been driven from a northeastern Nigerian town by Chadian forces, who have been helping to fight the terrorist group.

The New York Times reported that Chadian forces have defeated Boko Haram in Gamboru Ngala, and now control the town.

“The Islamists were ‘completely wiped out’ there, with the death of nine Chadian soldiers and ‘more than 200’ on the Boko Haram side, according to a statement from the Chadian government.”

The NYT added the Chadian military operation in Nigeria against Boko Haram is the “second in less than a week,” and that it “underscores the failure of Nigeria’s own military.”

The widely reported failure of Nigerian armed forces has become so bad in recent weeks that the Guardian reported in late January that Nigerian officials were openly criticizing them.

“Nigeria’s national security adviser has blamed cowardice for the army’s failure to protect civilians from attacks by Boko Haram extremists, saying many soldiers had joined up because they wanted a job, but were not willing to fight.”

Western officials praised the Chadian armed forces, according to the NYT article.

“‘As usual, they are doing the job,’ a Western diplomat said in a text message about the Chadians. ‘Above all with their planes, and their helicopters, and since the 20th of January.'”

The NYT added that Chad has played a “critical role” in fighting the al-Qaida affiliate that is operating in Mali.

In addition to the scores of Boko Haram fighters killed in this latest battle, the Guardian reported that Chadian forces destroyed a number of pieces of equipment under control of the Islamic terrorist group. The list of destroyed equipment included “more than a dozen vehicles equipped with heavy weapons” along with “100 motorbikes.” The article said this information came from the Chadian government, but that it wasn’t able to independently confirm it.

And while the Chadian government appears to be reporting that it now is in control of Gamboru Ngala, the BBC relayed information that Boko Haram might not be completely driven from the town.

“Chad’s army said it had recaptured the town, although the sound of automatic gunfire was still heard on Wednesday in Gamboru, AFP news agency reports.”

The BBC also reported that Chadian armed forces attacked locations in the “Sambisa forest, where the militants have bases.” The BBC said that the hundreds of girls that Boko Haram had kidnapped last year might have been there at one time, but was unable to confirm that.

The Inquisitr previously reported on Boko Haram releasing other females they had abducted this January.

[Image via AFP/Ali Kaya. Chad soldiers on patrol along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.]